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Why Vote for More Failure and Frustration?

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Polls show Americans deeply dissatisfied with operations of their government – and particularly with Congress. So why then do we regularly re-elect nearly all of the same people? In 2012, 85% of all Senators and Representatives were returned to office and those who left Washington nearly all retired as a matter of choice, rather than getting voted out of office. Only one Senator – Scott Brown of Massachusetts – actually lost a bid for re-election.

Other countries regularly welcome fresh faces. In Israel, which also held 2012 elections, the majority of winning candidates for parliament were new – and 40% had never held public office before. There’s something wrong with an American system where approval ratings for Congress barely reach double digits, but voters instinctively select the same often tired, underachieving and uninspiring leaders to represent their interests.

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  1. Bill Renna  •  Jul 10, 2013 at 7:00 pm

    It is because voters like the guy they voted for from their state. The polls always ask how you feel about the entire congress not an individual representative. The state of Washington is more likely to get federal money due to a push from their own representatives then from other state’s representatives. When they fail, it’s the other guys fault.

  2. bunchesoffluff  •  Jul 10, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    the people are to dum to vote for someone that will represent them, they vote for the lesser of 2 evils of the 2 richest canidates knowing nether will represent them. i think it will be easier to do campaign finance reform than to make the people smart.
    corrupt business and gov forces are stupidly and purposely suppressing the economy to suppress competition, independent, trade, and charity to make people forced dependent customers-in the long term its counterproductive because they must spend time and resources suppressing them, as a result their prices go up and quality goes down, crime and taxes also go up, and when they go to buy something price is up and quality is down as a result from suppressing supply, and leaving to big to suppress corrupt business around while the smaller ones aren’t allowed to operate because of excessive taxes and regs, while big corrupt business’s buys them self wit bribes to politicians to big to jail status, politicians rep business campaign contributors not the people,to end this: ban gifts and private contributions to people running for office and politicians.

    about 15% of the country voted in obama, most r low info voters voting based on lesser of 2 evils admitting they dislike both, or based on looks.
    candidates sometimes lie, make false promisies, bate and switch, 2 faced, flip flop, and don’t mention true wants during campaign then surprise reveal true wants after elected, resulting in voters not getting what they voted for.
    candidates become rich partially because they represent or do favors for rich people to get campaign contributions.
    richest candidates become primaries because they can afford the most ads, so their most well known and popular w the public, resulting in richest candidates and campaign contributors being represented instead of the people.
    instead of giving tax cuts to industries or high performing companies that are beneficial to the well-being and wealth level of everyone, and welfare to the poor, gov-benefits are given to companies that contribute to the politician’s campaign, or secret pay offs or coercion. resulting in companies buying them self to big to fail to big to jail status, law exemption, tax exemption, subsidies, and bailouts.

    sometimes gov employees are forced/coerced to pay union dues, gov stands by and lets it happen (not protecting everyone equally under the law) the union pays campaign contributions(bribe), the politician in return launders the $ and gives them guaranteed jobs, raises, tax and law exempt status(giving them a monopoly and suppressing competition)

    campaign finance reform: anyone running that receives a private contribution or used private property(including and product/service, pen, paper, computer, Internet, phone, microphone, transport, car, bike…)auto disqualified. have a central collection where the collector, donations, and all running are under 24-7 live public video surveillance, donations distributed equally to all running, can only be spent on campaign.
    fire politicians who receive or ask for gifts. put all politicians under 24-7 live public video surveillance. don’t pay politicians w gov $. don’t give politicians any gov funded benefits(including security) if they can afford it for them self.

    immediately fire elected representatives who lies, are hypocritical, want to be above the law, or don’t represent whoever voted them in.

    make potential representatives on live tv promise that they will resign immediately if they ever lie, are hypocritical, want to be above the law, or dont represent the majority of their district.

    require all gov workers to on video recite the consitution w/o looking at it before hired and once a month.

    allow everyone to vote and only have write in only ballets.

    put in a constitutional amendement that says no elected representivie can be paid with gov $(exsept if there poor they get the same welfare as everyone else), and cant receive gov benifits(includeing security) as long as they can afford it for themself.

    require that no gov worker can be paid unless there isnt anyone willing to do the job for free, and no gov worker can be paid more than minium wage unless their isnt anyone willing to do the job for minimum wage.

  3. T.L Cook  •  Jul 11, 2013 at 3:35 pm

    I vote regularly, and the situation I find is that the same candidates are the same ones that are always put on the ballot. I never get to know enough about any new people who are in the primarys to trust them enough to vote for them. Therefore it seems to me, that the party chooses who gets talked about and gets the exposure. So that ends up puttting the same people from your party on the ballot. Also, the party and the media tends to defame anybody who is not a lawyer/politician as inexperienced, so regular people rarely run, unless they’re rich.This is a bad situation that needs to change.

  4. moxx  •  Jul 12, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    It is actually really easy, just look at the voting population:
    – in 2010 only 41.8% of all eligible voters actually voted,
    – for simplicity say about 48% voted for the looser of the election,
    – again for simplicity say only about 80% of the voter for the winner actually agreed with the candidate (they would have voted for somebody else if they had the chance).
    – As a result of our voting system of regional representation, you currently have more votes for Democrats but more Republican congressmen which would indicate another disconnect around 10%
    => If you multiply it all together: 0.481*0.48*0.8*(1-0.1) = 16.6%
    That means only 16.6% of the total population of eligible voters (which is what these approval rating surveys are based on) actually have the congress they wanted, which is fairly close to its actual approval rating.

  5. Jess  •  Jul 14, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    I am a big proponent of term limits . The longer we have these same legislators in office the more entrenched their ideas get . In politics you have the nepotism effect . The same big monies go to the same people .The thought is by big monies , we paid for this guy or gal and we can keep the costs down by re-electing them .
    As far as Israel , how many times have they elected the same Prime Minister .

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