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Will We Change the Times, or Let the Times Change Us?

Searching for catchy phrases among arid platitudes in Barack Obama’s uninspired inaugural, his media admirers focused on one brief, pithy formulation.

“Times change … and so must we.”

That statement seemed to reflect the president’s addiction to change as a goal in itself, rather than shaping current circumstances to reflect timeless values. Rabbi Daniel Lapin offers a much better slogan: “The more things change, the more we need those things that never change.”

In fact, eight years ago George W. Bush echoed that view in his own under-appreciated second inaugural. President Bush declared: “Americans move forward in every generation by reaffirming all that is good and true that came before–ideals of justice and conduct that are the same yesterday, today, and forever.”

It’s a far worthier principle than the notion of changing with the times.

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  1. From: Bruce Baker   On: January 26, 2013

    The only way to reform the country is to reform the people. That involves getting the blind to see and the deaf to hear. If we manage to get non-confirmation for Chuck Hagel for Sec. of Defense, then they’ll put up somebody “safe”, like Sen. John McCain, or some other CFR member, which was probably the plan, all along. Read Saul Alinsky. The end goal hasn’t changed. They want either or both of the proposed U.N. treaties ratified, the U.N. Small Arms Control Treaty, and the U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty. The latter allows them to take our wealth, and the former disarms us so they can do literally anything they want. The Feinstein bill is small potatoes, compared to that U.N. treaty, which calls for confiscation of all arms.

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