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Good News, and Better News, for the GOP

Last week’s special election in the 6th Congressional District of Texas brought good news, and even better news, for the GOP. The good news? A Republican won, giving them their 212th House member – just six seats away from taking...

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Conquest by Context in the History Wars

In today’s bitter battles over telling America’s story, the Left seeks to emphasize shame and shortcomings, while the Right hopes to block the most negative depictions of the nation’s past. What both sides should...

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Do “Good Manners” Require “Obedience”?

BY DIANE MEDVED   A cute-kid story that has moved into our family lore took place about two years ago, when Julia, then about 3, was asked what each of her relatives did for a living. “Mommy’s a nurse,” she brightly responded....

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How to Explain July Fourth to a Four-Year-Old

This year, pandemic progress allowed me to celebrate the Fourth of July with my grandchildren, and the day provided some unexpected perspective on the ferocious fights currently raging over the teaching of American history and values. This...

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Juneteenth: The “New Independence Day”?!

A neighborhood church in our woodsy Seattle suburb recently placed a provocative proclamation on its reader board. “JUNETEENTH: THE REAL INDEPENDENCE DAY,” the message declared. With all due respect to our well-intentioned...

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How Horrible Is Our History, Really?

How horrible is our history, really? Do America’s past 400 years resemble the brutal and tragic legacy of Nazi Germany, and demand that we accept comparable burdens of guilt and shame? Should we adopt “regularized rituals of...

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Our Children Deserve Perspective, Not Propaganda

In this era of much heralded “racial reckoning”, thoughtful citizens should prepare to answer an uncomfortable question: of all major nations on earth, which one benefited the most from the hideously cruel institution of...

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