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In Judging Others Favorably, We All Benefit—No Doubt

While the public struggles with an oppressive sense of impending economic and political breakdown, three quarters of Americans believe their country is headed in the wrong direction. To make matters even worse, a newly released Gallup Poll...

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What Makes Our Politics So Nasty?

What makes our present politics so nasty, negative and intensely personal? Conventional wisdom blames ideological polarization, and the vast gap between left and right, for the bitter nature of the attacks and counter-attacks on all sides....

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Washington State Outlaws ‘Marijuana’!?

Washington State Outlaws ‘Marijuana’—the Word, Not the Weed.      ​Opposition to marijuana, such as it is, typically focuses on the impact of weed. The Washington legislature, however, is more concerned ​with the...

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Passover: A Festival of Law and Order

Most Americans think of the Jewish Passover holiday as a “Feast of Freedom.” But a deeper understanding of the festival, which concludes its eight days of celebration Saturday night, acknowledges a simultaneous emphasis on law and...

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Does Trump Still Wield His Electoral Magic?

Despite recent polling that shows sharp declines in his national favorability ratings, Donald Trump remains the preferred presidential pick of many, if not most, self-identified Republicans. This durable popularity doesn’t stem from the...

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