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Fascinated by the Destructive Power of Politics

A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News shows Americans are slightly schizophrenic in their attitude toward politics. More people than ever before say they’re interested, even absorbed, with the politics of the moment, but...

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Time to Proclaim: “Family First!”

The collapse of the family stands at the heart of America’s most pressing, painful problems – addiction and suicide, economic inequality, educational under-performance, and even homelessness. Recent statistics show that majorities of...

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Problems Beyond Politics

I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing several families that are prosperous, hard-working and deeply religious and yet lose children to the world of drugs, out-of-wedlock birth, welfare dependence and hopelessness. It’s also increasingly...

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The Key Lessons of “The D-Day Prayer”

Seventy-five years ago, on the night of June 6, 1944, President Franklin Roosevelt spoke on the radio to announce the success of the D-Day invasion, not with a jubilant proclamation of victory, but with a humble request for the anxious...

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Herman Wouk: Living his Values

By Diane Medved — In a time when we’re exposed to so few national leaders and celebrities whose personal lives are worth admiring, the deeds and virtues of rare individuals who combine outstanding achievement with fine character...

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Distrusting the People

Angry nationwide demonstrations against more restrictive state abortion laws demonstrate a destructive tendency of the left—distrusting the will of the people, as expressed through their elected representatives. If activists dislike new...

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A Popular But Under-Rated Genius: Herman Wouk

On May 17th, America lost one of the 20th Century’s most significant, popular but under-rated writers, when Herman Wouk died just ten days before his 104th birthday.  Author of THE CAINE MUTINY, MARJORIE MORNINGSTAR, WINDS OF WAR and...

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