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A Tale of Two Cities

Two recent news reports highlight the crucial importance of secure borders. First, the good news: for the eighth year in a row, San Diego tallied the lowest murder rate of America’s biggest cities; only 35 people lost their lives to...

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A Distressing Tendency to “Cry Wolf”

The radical wing of today’s Democratic Party displays a distressing tendency to “cry wolf”—warning of cataclysmic consequences of climate change, gun violence, racial inequities, and approaching fascism by the populist right. LA...

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Americans are Fragmented–Even in Music

Americans can’t seem to reach consensus on much of anything right now – not on politics, morality, values or even pop music. A company called Mediabase compiles “Airplay Charts” for USA Today and divides the music you hear on the...

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The Dangers of Another “Split Decision”

Analyzing the latest polling, the New York Times and NBC News both saw signs of a likely Trump victory in 2020, but anticipated a potential challenge that can’t be ignored. State-by-state analysis shows the president again topping 300...

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