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Dems Pit Needy Against Deserving-Damaging Both

U.S. President Barack Obama takes part in early voting at a polling station in Chicago

As the president’s flailing, failing campaign on behalf of beleaguered Congressional Democrats coughs, wheezes and stumbles its way toward decision day, he increasingly reverts to a tired theme that has inspired scant enthusiasm from the voting public. “America needs a raise!” the chief executive thunders, suggesting that his fanciful proposal to boost the federal minimum wage from $7.25 an hour all the way to $10.10 will magically boost salaries for the middle class. Never mind that figures from his own...

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In California, Minnesota and other states, efforts are underway to enable “transgendered” students to participate in sports teams of the opposite sex. Boys who identify as girls could play girls’ basketball, while girls identifying as boys compete in boys’ gymnastics. But what about hormone treatments commonly used in “transitioning” from one gender to another? In Minnesota, a former-female playing soccer on a boy’s team would be allowed to take male sex hormones forbidden to boys on the same team. A...

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Though most of the country celebrated Columbus Day on Monday, October, 13th, Seattle, Minneapolis and other cities refused to honor the explorer and proclaimed a new festival called “Indigenous Peoples Day.” The activists behind the change blame Columbus because his discovery of the New World led to devastating results for native tribes. But a political commentator and attorney named Rob Dickson raises a brilliant objection to this argument: if Columbus hadn’t found a way to the New World, someone else would...

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Unexpected Lessons from the Jobs Numbers


This column appeared originally at TruthRevolt.org on October 7, 2014 — Last Friday, the Obama administration celebrated new numbers showing the national unemployment rate plummeting to 5.9% – the lowest official measure of joblessness since the beginning of 2008 and the financial collapse under the Bush administration. While most economists agree that this improvement amounts to encouraging economic news, a closer reading of those Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers  provides significant lessons, some...

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DIANE MEDVED: Feds Say: Food Stampers Too Fat, Spend More Dough


Somebody said “Do something” about the 47,636,000 people receiving government food stamps. They’re too fat because they buy sodas and junk food, and don’t have the knowledge or access to fresh produce in order to change. Voila: another big government program. The press release today from the US Department of Agriculture is basically a call for organizations to apply for their slice of a $31,500,000 pie–make that broccoli pie. The government wants to fund programs to lure these...

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New Figures Show ‘Gay Marriage Tidal Wave’ Is Only a Trickle


Insistent media messages claim surging and overwhelming public support for redefinition of marriage but recent numbers from major surveys and the Census Bureau tell a very different story. In late September, a Pew Center poll found less than half of respondents – 49% to be exact – saying that they “favor allowing gays and lesbians to marry legally” – a sharp five point drop since February. Without the biased wording of the question, gay marriage might have received even weaker public backing: if a...

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A recent Washington Post piece acknowledges that “children with married parents are better off” but simultaneously claims “marriage isn’t the reason why.” The report cites research at Brookings Institution suggesting that higher family income, more educated parents, and better parenting skills help explain the so-called “marriage advantage,” not the institution of matrimony itself. It’s well known that people with more financial success and more preparation for parenthood are much more likely to...

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U.S. President Barack Obama listens at a meeting with India's PM Narendra Modi at the White House in Washington

In a disturbing “60 Minutes” interview President Obama wouldn’t give a direct answer on  whether he’d been surprised by the frightening rise of ISIS. Instead, he instinctively blamed an underling, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who supposedly had “underestimated” the terrorist group. Obama also claimed he left Iraq in good shape, with a strong army, when he brought home American troops, fingering Prime Minister Maliki for subsequent misgovernment. This tendency to refuse to...

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Arthur Brooks: The Case for “Trait-Trespassing” Politicians


For years, conservative politicians have been charged with indifference toward the plight of the poor and vulnerable, accused of caring more about hedge fund managers than people who trim hedges. When pollsters ask questions like “Who cares more about people like you?,” Democrats consistently come out on top. Most Republicans acknowledge this, but many just shrug, concluding that the way to win is to be redder than red, choosing to emphasize strength and moral uprightness …forget about the soft stuff....

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The Over-Hyped NFL “Crisis”: What’s New?

File of Baltimore Ravens running back Rice warming up during the NFL's Super Bowl XLVII football practice in Metairie

The hyper-publicized NFL scandal, focusing on familial failings of some of the gridiron’s most celebrated stars, provides prophets of doom and decline with one more sign of America’s imminent collapse. According to these observations, today’s churlish and brutal professional athletes contrast unfavorably with the clean-cut, patriotic sports heroes of prior generations who took seriously their position as role-models for the nation’s youth. This view distorts both the past and the present, romanticizing the...

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