Woman Wearing Vote! Badges

Trouble with the Youth Vote

  Republicans have begun to pay serious attention to the party’s problems with black, Latino and Asian voters, but the GOP also performs miserably with young Americans. Recent polling shows Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump by...

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crime scene tape

A Lesson from “The Most Dangerous Cities”

New FBI statistics reveal the worst cities in the country in terms of violent crime. St. Louis tops the list as the most dangerous metropolis of them all, perhaps showing the impact of the “Ferguson Effect” that has crippled policing...

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Michael’s New Book: The American Miracle

ON SALE NOVEMBER 29th!  Pre-order available at: iBooks      Google      Kobo      Amazon  Barnes & Noble      Powell’s    BAM       Hudson Booksellers      IndieBound    Walmart AT KEY TURNING POINTS...

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Man trying to explain himself

When Politics Trumps Faith, Marriage Suffers

The New York Times Style Section recently ran a report called “UNEASY BEDFELLOWS,” describing marriages that reached the point of dissolution because of arguments concerning Donald Trump. When I discussed the subject on the air, one...

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Stressed out mother in kitchen with her babies

Unfair to Stay-at-Home Moms (and Dads)

In a rare area of agreement, both presidential candidates want to help working families with childcare expenses. Trump recently proposed a tax deduction for parents who place their kids in daycare; Clinton backs an even more costly plan,...

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American Vote Here Highway Road Sign, Red, White and Blue American Highway Sign with words Vote Here with sky background

Can New Voters Save GOP Senators?

There’s good reason that even conservatives who harbor grave doubts about Donald Trump’s candidacy – as I do – should hope that he runs the most vigorous possible campaign. The ferocious energy of Mr. Trump’s campaign will no...

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Concept of terrorism. Silhouette terrorists near the border fence in the background on the city in smoke at sunset

When Political Organizations Celebrate Murder

When political operations maintain social media accounts, those forums can expose the true nature of the sponsoring organizations. For instance, the Fatah faction that has ruled the Palestinian Authority for more than twenty years...

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Troubled Parties, Divided by Race

Republicans draw frequent criticism for their weak performance among blacks, Latinos and Asians, with Donald Trump, like Mitt Romney before him, losing non-white voters by a crushing margin of three to one. But few observers note that...

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Does More Porn Mean Less Sex?

Research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior brings surprising news: younger Millennials—those below age 26—engage in less sex than their counterparts among Gen-Xers and Baby Boomers, with fewer partners and less frequent instances of...

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U.S. Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 21, 2016.  REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Conventions Are Finished! Maybe Forever?

Political conventions waste vast sums of money that could be used more effectively to promote desperately needed reform. Donors provided at least $65 million for the GOP convention I recently attended in Cleveland, but four nights of...

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Indiana Governor Mike Pence arrives at Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York, U.S., July 15, 2016.  REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

Running Mate Resemblances

Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s choice for Vice President, bears a striking resemblance to Donald Trump’s running mate, Governor Mike Pence. Both are deeply religious—Kaine is a committed Catholic, Pence an Evangelical...

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