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Two Numbers Can Keep Thanksgiving Straight

Thanksgiving feasts should make a significant comeback in 2021, after almost two years of restrictions and distractions that undermined the grateful spirit of the holiday. Last year, public health officials strongly discouraged leisurely,...

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Junk Food and Irate Parents

BY DIANE MEDVED — On a town-wide internet forum, a polite but passionate battle brewed some time ago, sparked by a mom who posted her disdain that our local middle school sells ‘junk’ like Pop-Tarts. The neighborhood...

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Reshaping Thanksgiving Into a Festival of Guilt

For the last 50 years, aggressive elements of the American Left have made a relentless attempt to eliminate or alter our annual feast of thanksgiving. Instead of honoring forefathers, family, and the blessings of freedom, wokesters and...

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Join Michael November 9th at Reagan Library

Join Michael Medved at the Reagan Library just before the Thanksgiving Holiday to discuss “Guilt versus Gratitude.” For all their raging disagreements, the detractors and defenders of the United States share one point of common...

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Character Is Never Irrelevant

Nearly all the glowing tributes for the late Colin Powell included wistful references to the promising presidential campaign he passed up in 1996. Columnist Maureen Dowd flatly declared: “General Powell was the best America had to...

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Inequality, Marriage, and Divorce

BY DIANE MEDVED — I wrote two books on divorce, and remain agog at how our culture has become increasingly blasé about it. With the Bezos’ and Gates’ divorces, it’s clear that money, power and every type of resource are no...

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Seeking Good Intentions from Your Opponents

The core of our present predicament isn’t that rabid partisans disagree over political programs—that’s normal and healthy for a vibrant democracy. The toxic aspect of today’s polarization is that the two sides question...

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The Great Debate: Trump vs. Coolidge

Donald Trump’s enduring support from so many of his fellow Republicans stems largely from their unshakable conviction that he remains the most conservative major figure in the party’s national leadership. But that conclusion...

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Is Biden—Or Any President—The Essence of Evil?

It’s easy, perhaps even inevitable, to describe Joe Biden’s handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal as reckless, misguided and utterly inept. But is it appropriate, or constructive, to classify the president himself, or any of...

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