Excusing—and Celebrating—Savagery

Masked Palestinian distributes sweets as he celebrates with others an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

In efforts to explain the savage, senseless butchery of the Jerusalem synagogue massacre, left-leaning commentators referred to “provocation” and a so-called “cycle of violence” involving both sides. Even the president of the United States strained to sound even-handed in the face of a shameless display of Islamist barbarity. “Too many Israelis have died; too many Palestinians have died,” he told the White House press pool. “At this difficult time I think it’s important for both Palestinians...

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An Ultra-orthodox Jew leans on a religious Jewish text inside a Jerusalem synagogue

In efforts to explain the Jerusalem synagogue massacre, left-leaning commentators refer to “Jewish provocation” and a so-called “cycle of violence” involving both sides. They cite the destruction in this summer’s Gaza War –a conflict that only began in response to incessant Hamas rocket attacks, and ended as soon as those attacks stopped. Apologists also note struggles over “prayer rights” on the Temple Mount site that’s sacred to both Jews and Muslims, without acknowledgment that Muslims pray...

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Masked Palestinians hold axes and a gun as they celebrate with others an attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip

Beyond the unspeakable brutality of the crime itself, the most shocking aspect of the Jerusalem synagogue massacre involved the reaction of Palestinian mobs throughout Gaza and the West Bank. Crowds surged into the street in celebration, handing out candies, setting off firecrackers, and wielding axes to honor the killers who had hacked to death four innocent, non-political, religious scholars in the midst of their morning prayers. Street demonstrations only  occur in Palestinian territories with approval from...

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Leftwing activists want to replace Columbus Day with “Indigenous Peoples Day” but the President of Turkey might prefer “Islamic Explorers Day.” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told a delegation of Latin American Muslims that Islamic sailors discovered the New World in 1178, insisting that when Columbus arrived “the religion of Islam was already widespread.” As evidence, he cited the great explorer’s diary in which Columbus sees a mosque while sailing near Cuba. In the passage in question, Columbus actually...

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Good intentions hardly guarantee good results, as a young activist in Seattle is about to discover. Eddie Wang, a recent graduate of University of Washington, is raising money to provide comfortable new sleeping bags for all homeless people in the Seattle area – an estimated 3,000 of them. He’s half-way to his goal of $75,000 for the sleeping bags, but he never explains how new bedding would do anything to assist street people in finding shelter or jobs, or turning around their lives. In fact, comfortable...

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Stupid Myths about Turnout, Demographics and GOP Victory


You’ve heard the nonsense: Republicans swept the nation because turnout in the midterm elections was shamefully low, with people of color staying home and allowing a surge of old, angry white males to dominate the contests in state after state. This narrative may make Democrats feel better about the outcome but it bears no connection whatever to facts readily available through exit polls and Election Day tallies. First, and most obviously, the overall voter turnout wasn’t that bad. The best available...

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Obama, the Role of Race, and GOP Victory

US President Obama answers questions at news conference at White House after mid term elections

To many liberals, it seems obvious that Barack Obama’s problems and setbacks– including the resounding Republican victory on November 4th – stem in no small part from racist reaction to his status as the first non-white president in American history. The facts, however, suggest that racial factors contributed far more to Obama’s successes than they did to his failures. Exit polling reveals the true nature of his decisive triumphs in 2012 and 2008, and the Democrats’ wretched failure in 2014. And the...

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Democrats attempt to explain their dismal performance in the recent elections by emphasizing the low turnout – only 36.6% of eligible voters. But the truth is that this turnout is typical of midterm elections over the last forty years.  Turnout in each of those eleven cycles since 1974 has been very similar – above 36% and below 40%, and in three of them it was below the figures for 2014. The last time the Democrats swept a midterm election was 2006, with turnout of 37.1%– only marginally higher than...

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Some commentators have tried to explain GOP success in the recent elections by citing a sudden surge of conservative voters–the same ideologically driven voters who, according to common myth, stayed home and doomed Mitt Romney’s campaign two years ago. But exit polls show 35% of all voters in Mitt Romney’s race in 2012 called themselves conservative – similar to the 37% in the electorate of 2014, and more than the 34% when George W. Bush won in 2004. The biggest segment in each of these races was...

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Race Baiting Campaign Shows Obama Biggest Failure

U.S. President Barack Obama listens at a meeting with India's PM Narendra Modi at the White House in Washington

In the final stages of the Democrats’ failing, flailing midterm campaigns, candidates and their allies exposed President Obama’s heart-breaking failure in pursuit of the primary goal that made him president: healing the bitter divisions between black and white in America. Instead of affirming the ringing declaration that “we are one people” that electrified the country in his convention keynote address of 2004, the president and his allies have fanned fear, rage and resentment in the black community in...

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