A man holds a button in support of Donald Trump at the Crete Civic Centre in Plattsburgh. REUTERS/Christinne Muschi

Brain Dead Nostalgia Could Doom GOP

Sinking approval ratings show Republicans losing touch with the public by peddling simple-minded nostalgia for the past.  A Pew Survey indicates 70% of “Conservative Republicans” agree that “compared with 50 years ago, life for...

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Portrait of group of friends, one smiling at camera

Startling Good News on Teen Births

A dramatic decline in the teen birth rate should encourage those who worry about young people producing kids before they’ve even finished high schools. New numbers from the National Center for Health Statistics show teen births peaking...

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump talks with rival Ted Cruz during a commercial break in the midst of the Republican presidential candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

The Cost of Bashing the GOP

Approval ratings for the Republican Party recently sank to their lowest levels in a quarter century. According to Pew Research Center, an appalling 62% of registered voters view the GOP unfavorably. This is not just because the American...

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Bridal pair with flying white doves at wedding

“50% Divorce Rate”: Exposed Again!

Many sources still cite the long-discredited, utterly bogus statistic that half of all marriages end in divorce, but the Washington Post recently reported on analysis by Flowing Data that once again exposes the lie. Among all Americans,...

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Democratic U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton wave to supporters after she was projected to be the winner in the Democratic caucuses  in Las Vegas, Nevada February 20, 2016. REUTERS/David Becker

The Wrong Way to Attack Hillary

Hillary Clinton deserves criticism for many aspects of her candidacy, including her push to expand government’s role in our lives and to pull back from America’s leadership in the world. She’s also open to ethical questions over her...

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aged and worn vintage photo of marijuana sign with palm trees

The Myth of “Harmless” Pot

A massive new study sponsored jointly by Duke University, the University of California at Davis and other research institutions shows that marijuana is hardly a harmless diversion. The long-term focus on heavy users shows that those who...

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An End to Hollywood’s Religious Blindspot?

The year is still young, but 2016 already looks like a big success in terms of faith-friendly films from Hollywood. MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN features Jennifer Garner in the finest performance of her career in a true story about a mother...

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Fashion students being attentive in class

No Real Diversity

The University of Missouri has become the latest academic institution to require all students to take three credit hours of “Diversity Intensive” instruction: classes that emphasize “inequities” facing racial, sexual, national and...

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