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The Rise of Antisemitism: Why Now?

The mounting evidence of a sharp rise in antisemitic attitudes and actions raises a profoundly puzzling question: why now? What recent developments for the Jewish people and the state of Israel have provoked these alarming new levels of...

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Crucial Numbers That Republicans Can’t Ignore

The midterm elections will answer two significant questions about the nation’s political present and immediate future. First, and most obviously, they will decide whether the United States will revert to the recent norm of divided...

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Unexpected Agreement on American Greatness

In this polarized Republic, Americans can energetically argue over any idea or observation, but a new poll shows there should be no real controversy over the proud, declarative statement with which I begin every hour of my daily radio...

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Divided Government Means Back to Normal

Regardless of the final tabulations in House and Senate races this November, President Joe Biden will benefit from one all-but-certain result of the midterm elections. If, as widely anticipated, Republicans win at least a narrow House...

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Elizabeth, Charles and the Changing of the Guard

The Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace draws more than two million spectators every year and emphasizes the dignity, discipline and continuity associated with the British royal family for nearly a millennium. With the...

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