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DIANE MEDVED: The Significance of Seven

We’re coming to a time of completion—of this election cycle, and, we hope, the end to a very strange period of months in which we withdrew from each other due to a pandemic. As the days grow shorter and we feel the change of seasons,...

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Is Democrat Supreme Court Frenzy Really About Timing?

In their furious reaction to confirmation plans for a successor to the late Justice Ginsburg, Democrats insist it’s all about timing. But even if she’d passed, or resigned, two years earlier, would Democrats offer more cooperation in...

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Cooperation Beats Confrontation in the Middle East

No accomplishment of Donald Trump’s turbulent term has drawn more fulsome, broad-based praise than the recent agreements between Israel and the Arab states of Bahrain and United Arab Emirates. All three nations are centers for regional...

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The Dangers of Mixing Screen Time and Snack Time

A study at England’s University of Sussex warns that those who snack while watching television or playing video games are more likely to overeat, greatly increasing risks of obesity. “You’re less likely to be able to tell how full...

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Obnoxious Debate Questions for Both Candidates

The candidates must prepare to face tough questions in the first presidential debate on September 29. For instance: Debate Questions for Joe Biden: You’ve supported nationwide demonstrations for racial justice, but would you want them...

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The Missing Word at Both Conventions

Now that the two “virtual conventions” have concluded, it’s worth considering the one important word entirely ignored by both Republicans and Democrats. That word is “Impeachment”: neither side used the I-word, or wanted to...

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Lessons From Urban Unrest

The fiery riots convulsing American cities have begun to resemble the devastating violence of the late 1960s, and will likely end the same way. Between 1965 and 1969, more than 150 American cities exploded in episodes of race-based...

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Should Senator Harris Receive Reparations?

The selection of Senator Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate has produced irrelevant arguments about whether she qualifies as African-American, since both her parents were born abroad. But her history-making Vice Presidential...

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“White Supremacy” and the Charges Against Yale

A Justice Department charge of anti-white racial discrimination undermines claims that “white supremacy” dominates American society. A pending suit claims Yale University – my alma mater – judged applicants based on racial...

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