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A One State Solution Means No “Safe Haven”

Representative Rashida Tlaib, Democrat of Michigan, says “I want a safe haven for Jews.” The question she hasn’t been asked and cannot answer is: where do you think that “safe haven” should be? She obviously doesn’t think it...

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Uncle Sam Shouldn’t Subsidize Bad Habits

A Republican named Briscoe Cain has filed an important bill in the Texas legislature, blocking food stamp recipients from using taxpayer money to buy soda, candy and other junk foods. Latest figures from the Department of Agriculture show...

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No Two Sides on Gaza Rockets

The old-saying “there are two sides to every argument” doesn’t apply to violent exchanges between Israel and the Gaza terrorists of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Without provocation or purpose, Palestinian terrorists launched 690 rockets...

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Life Is Stronger than Death

On the last days of Passover, while helping lead a holiday festival retreat in the California desert, I saw my father for the first time in ten years. Awakened by a loud, frightening knock on our hotel door at three in the morning, I...

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Tolerating Hatred In Their Midst

Six months to the day of the infamous synagogue massacre in Pittsburgh, neo-Nazi terrorism struck again with a murderous rampage at a vibrant Hassidic congregation in suburban San Diego. The attack occurred days after the New York Times...

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What You May Not Know About Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson counts as a major American hero, both for his accomplishment (breaking the hideous segregation of major sports) and his character, displayed on and off the field. He was also a committed Republican (until one presidential...

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DIANE MEDVED: Class Reunion and Lives Well-Led

With graduations just behind us, and the excitement of summer and a new school year brewing, it’s a good time to assess how these milestones shape us.   I write steeped in prep for my own high school reunion, which occurred enough...

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Minor Parties Play the Wild Card

The five presidential elections of the 21st Century have established a clear pattern of close battles between evenly matched parties – a pattern charismatic candidates and billions in spending can’t seem to break. Republican nominees...

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Time to Choose the Green NUCLEAR Deal

Three liberal academics joined forces in an approach to climate change that conservatives should enthusiastically embrace. Led by best-selling author Steven Pinker of Harvard, the professors declare there’s only one way to free the world...

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The “Key Three” Will Determine Everything

Democrats won’t repeat their huge mistake of 2016—focusing on the popular vote and national polling while ignoring crucial mechanics of the Electoral College. To unseat Trump, the Democrats must flip at least three of the nine crucial...

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