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The Joys of Divided Government

Despite possible disappointment in the outcome of the presidential race, Republicans can find reasons for encouragement in election returns of November 3rd.  GOP Congressional candidates performed far better than expected, making...

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Signs of Republican Growth and Strength

Exit polls from the 2020 election show signs of a stronger Republican Party building a broader base. The Trump campaign focused on winning Black, Latino and Asian votes and, to a surprising extent, succeeded. President Trump’s percentage...

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How to Save the Electoral College System

With the prospect that the winning Electoral College candidate will once again lose the popular vote, public opinion seeks change in the way we select presidents. An election eve Gallup Poll showed nearly two thirds who want to “amend...

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The Battle for the Senate that Republicans Must Win

All sides in the fiercely fought 2020 election know that it’s a consequential battle, but they should also agree on a crucial aspect of the outcome: America will benefit if Republicans hold their Senate majority. If President Trump wins,...

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Should the U.N. Decide America’s Elections?

In response to President Trump’s refusal to pre-emptively commit to a “peaceful transfer of power” if Biden wins the upcoming election, Democrats wallow in paranoid fantasies of a possible coup. For instance, Peter Beinart in the New...

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Biden’s Blunder on Court Packing

Joe Biden makes a serious mistake when he repeatedly refuses to answer legitimate questions about his position on adding new justices to the Supreme Court—the same scheme of “court packing” that became FDR’s biggest blunder in...

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America Not Alone in Racial Strife

Like America, Germany faces renewed racial tension with shadows from a troubled past. A terrorist in military garb burst into a synagogue in Hamburg on the festival of Sukkot, known to many Christians as the Feast of Tabernacles. A local...

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Partisan Rage and the Threat of Violence

In the tense weeks leading to a fateful election, Americans have begun to worry about more tense weeks after the voting. A disputed outcome might even inspire fighting in the streets, say scholars at the Hoover Institution, the Hudson...

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The Myth of “Systemic Racism”

The newly popular charge that America suffers from “systemic racism” ignores the realities of how our current system of law, politics, business and culture really work. In legal terms, racism has been illegal for 50 years with bans on...

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