Celebrate Your Extra 15 Years!

In the new book I just completed, I’ve been writing about the sudden, shocking death of Franklin Roosevelt—victim of a brain hemorrhage at age 63.  He’d already served 12 years as president, and just won a fourth term, but his aides...

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Affirmative Action for Rich Kids

The cheating scandal in college admissions should force immediate changes at leading universities. For instance, corrupt parents bribed coaches and created false records for their kids, who pretended to be athletic stars in water polo,...

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An Ivy League Degree Is No “Golden Ticket”

Only a tiny percentage of American families have ever resorted to cheating or bribery to get their kids into top schools, but all those who obsess on a few elite schools make a destructive mistake. USA TODAY cited an important study from...

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Believing Lies About Murder Rates and Causes

A new Marist Poll shows more than two-thirds of Americans think the gun murder rate has gone up in America since 1994. In truth, the rate of gun homicides has been cut nearly in half—from 6.2 to 3.4 per 100,000. The public gets the wrong...

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10 Reasons to Become a Medhead Member Today

1 – You can LIVE-stream the show each day 2 – You can also download the three-hour daily broadcast commercial free and on-demand 24/7 3 -You get a FREE Medved History Show on MLK: “Providence and The Prophet: The...

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Leftist Racism Poisons Immigration Debate

In a speech calling to block funding for ICE—Immigration and Customs Enforcement—freshman Congress member Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez suggested that Latino immigrants deserve special status that exempts them from American rules....

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Northam, Democrats and the KKK

The Ralph Northam case illustrates, among many other things, the long entanglement of the Democratic Party with the Ku Klux Klan. In the same year that Northam posted his hateful yearbook photo of a clown in blackface next to a figure in a...

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