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In Appreciation of the Postal Service

BY DIANE MEDVED *** My husband and I raised our family in a Seattle suburb, and throughout those years a beloved fixture in our lives was our postman, Scott. Scott knew everyone, and would ask about their latest accomplishments. He’d...

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Built on Equal Protection, Not Discrimination

Laws matter – even when they’re occasionally disregarded. Yes, Americans may sometimes exceed posted speed limits, but that doesn’t mean we’re “systemically” a nation of reckless drivers. By the same token, the fact that racism...

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For Great Debates, Upgrade the Format

The three presidential debates that begin September 29th may shape the election’s outcome, but don’t expect deep insight on America’s problems. For the future, the debate commission should upgrade the format, recalling the celebrated...

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Encouraging News on Black Reactions to Police

How deep is the painful divide between Black communities and police departments that serve them? An important new Gallup Poll delivers some unexpected, encouraging good news. The researchers asked a pointed and important question:...

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Encourage Participation, Not Doubts, About Voting

Politicians make a terrible mistake by trying to discredit the upcoming election before votes have even been cast. President Trump pre-emptively denounces the election as “rigged” and “fraudulent”, while prominent Democrats...

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Misguided Payouts Based on Ancestry, Not Actions

The current anguish over “racial justice” has been punctuated by intensifying demands for monetary reparations to the descendants of enslaved Americans. The prospect of arranging appropriate compensation for uncompensated labor that...

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“Peaceful Protest” Is a Contradiction in Terms

The mainstream media reflexively praise the civic unrest afflicting major cities across the country, using the term “peaceful protest,” without ever acknowledging that the phrase is an obvious contradiction in terms. A picnic can be...

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A Thrilling Film that Enriches Our Culture

Only rarely does a new film come along to remind movie lovers of Hollywood’s golden age some 80 years ago. GREYHOUND, starring Tom Hanks, is that sort of old-fashioned thriller, notably enriched by state-of-the art special effects and...

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New Faces on Our Money?

With names changing on public buildings and statues coming down almost everywhere, the cancel culture now also wants to remake our money. A full page in the New York Times proposed new faces for our coins and bills—emphasizing diversity...

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Portraying Police as an Invading Enemy

The horrifying video showing the last anguished moments of George Floyd featured a detail only now drawing outraged attention: the cop car parked near the incident was a Police Interceptor, manufactured by Ford. In a petition signed by...

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What If the Candidates Got Sick?

In the volatile campaign of 2020, what new surprises could reshape the contest in its concluding stages? For instance: what if President Trump or Joe Biden—or both of them—were stricken with COVID-19?  Nearly a dozen White House...

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Let’s Debate Virtues, Not Vices

The New York Times seizes every opportunity to impute racist motives to Donald Trump, even when reacting to positive announcements that shouldn’t be controversial. After his Independence Day Eve speech at Mt. Rushmore, one Times headline...

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