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What If the Candidates Got Sick?

In the volatile campaign of 2020, what new surprises could reshape the contest in its concluding stages? For instance: what if President Trump or Joe Biden—or both of them—were stricken with COVID-19?  Nearly a dozen White House...

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Let’s Debate Virtues, Not Vices

The New York Times seizes every opportunity to impute racist motives to Donald Trump, even when reacting to positive announcements that shouldn’t be controversial. After his Independence Day Eve speech at Mt. Rushmore, one Times headline...

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You Can’t Win An Audience By Insulting Its Values

The entertainment industry regularly ignores a common sense lesson: you can’t connect with a mass audience by insulting a figure they revere.  Multiple reports indicate the upcoming film HABIT features Paris Jackson, glamorous daughter...

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“Black Conservative”: No Contradiction in Terms

To mainstream media, the designation “Black conservative” represents a contradiction in terms. Conventional wisdom insists African Americans must automatically identify as progressive, or even radical, to be true to their...

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Is Racism the Sole Cause of Homelessness?

Yes, America is dealing with a toxic legacy of racism, but it’s destructive to frame all problems in racial terms. For instance, a panelist for “Project Homeless” of the Seattle Times, baldly declared: “To be blunt, there is no...

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“National Pride” Falls to All-Time Low

A June Gallup Poll carried an alarming message: “US NATIONAL PRIDE FALLS TO RECORD LOW,” the dreary headline proclaimed. Only 42% of respondents described themselves as “extremely proud to be an American” – marking a sharp...

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Statues May Be Debatable, But Vandalism Isn’t

Recent surveys show public opinion closely divided over local and federal decisions to remove Confederate memorials, but no one has polled reaction to violent vandals who topple monuments on their own in spurts of wanton destruction. In...

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Broaden the Effort to Save Black Lives

The righteous goal of saving young black males from needless, tragic deaths means focusing on more than criminal mistreatment by the police. In recent years, fewer than a hundred unarmed black victims perished in encounters with cops...

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The Left’s Fanatical Substitute for Faith

In late April, hundreds of Orthodox Jews gathered for the funeral of a beloved Chassidic rabbi, but New York’s mayor deemed their rites “absolutely unacceptable” and threatened mass arrests if it happened again. A month later, tens...

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Unmasking “Shy Trump Voters”

A little noted detail in a new national poll raises questions on its report of a solid, steady Biden lead. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll also asked respondents about social distancing and 85% claimed they regularly wear masks...

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