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Undeniable Progress for African Americans

Radical activists and left-leaning media paint a one-dimensional portrait of Black America, showing African Americans as locked in poverty and hopelessness, and falling further and further behind their white counterparts.  But the latest...

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What a United Country Looks Like

Americans on all sides complain bitterly about the polarization of our politics, but these divisions are nothing new. The Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations all featured angry, uneasy electorates in both presidential and Congressional...

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Would Reparations Go On Forever?

On the campaign trail, several leading Democratic presidential candidates express support for the concept of reparations paid to black people to compensate for the crimes of slavery. The most uncomfortable question about this terrible...

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Celebrate Your Extra 15 Years!

In the new book I just completed, I’ve been writing about the sudden, shocking death of Franklin Roosevelt—victim of a brain hemorrhage at age 63.  He’d already served 12 years as president, and just won a fourth term, but his aides...

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Affirmative Action for Rich Kids

The cheating scandal in college admissions should force immediate changes at leading universities. For instance, corrupt parents bribed coaches and created false records for their kids, who pretended to be athletic stars in water polo,...

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An Ivy League Degree Is No “Golden Ticket”

Only a tiny percentage of American families have ever resorted to cheating or bribery to get their kids into top schools, but all those who obsess on a few elite schools make a destructive mistake. USA TODAY cited an important study from...

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