The New York Times Slimes Hanukkah

The New York Times has just recently challenged its Jewish readers by featuring a provocative but deeply misguided column headlined “The Hypocrisy of Hanukkah.” In it, novelist Michael David Lukas trashed our joyous winter festival as...

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It’s a Wonderful Message

Sometimes, the conventional wisdom gets it right, and that’s the case with the common designation of, “It’s a Wonderful Life” as the greatest Christmas movie ever made. This 1947 masterpiece celebrates the classic American...

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Caravans and Shutdowns: Both Unpopular

Congressional Democrats made a mistake to attack President Trump for his determined opposition to caravans of unauthorized immigrants at our Southern border. Automatic asylum will only encourage new thousands to make a dangerous, illegal...

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Turning Critics into Admirers

The outpouring of admiration for the late President George Herbert Walker Bush largely ignores his troubled history with the press; like all Republican presidents of the last 50 years, Bush endured carping, contemptuous treatment. One...

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Overcoming False Charges of Racism

In the last Senate contest of this election cycle, Democrats tried—but failed—to destroy an incumbent Republican with unfair charges of racism. In the runoff campaign of the Mississippi special election, they focused almost exclusively...

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Voters Prefer Divided Government

Looking back on the midterm elections, we should acknowledge a clear message from the electorate: voters asked Washington to “get back to normal” by restoring the divided government Americans have preferred for 50 years. Since...

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A Chance to Win by Fixing Disasters

Two recent disasters give President Trump a chance to shape bipartisan solutions to Make America Great Again. First, disputed elections in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere exposed grievous shortcomings in the way we cast and count our votes;...

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The Demographic Division that Matters Most

The demographic division that counts most in presidential elections has nothing to do with race, gender or income: it involves state boundaries that determine votes in the Electoral College. By that standard, warning signs from the midterm...

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