Why Obama Won’t Make a Tax Deal

Despite all the posing and polarization of recent weeks, everyone in Washington knows that Republicans and Democrats will reach some big agreement on tax rates within the next four or five months. So if compromise is ultimately inevitable,...

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More Welfare Bucks Show Obama’s Failure

A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST What does President Obama plan to do to slow or stop the explosive growth in the number of Americans who count on regular welfare checks from the federal government? Does he...

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The Confidence Game

New polls showing President Obama enlarging his lead over challenger Mitt Romney have brought some Republicans to the point of panic, but logic and history should reassure them that the race will inevitably tilt in their direction. These...

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Mitt’s Ryan Message: Get Serious

A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST. In selecting Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney signals his determination to conduct a campaign of ideas. In part, this decision almost surely stems from recent polls...

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Can Obama Win It on Likability?

Will Barack Obama’s innate likability turn out to be the decisive factor that keeps him in the White House? Several polls suggest that the president’s biggest advantage over Mitt Romney involves the strong tendency of Americans to see...

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A Range of Response to Divisive Gestures

A version of this column appeared originally in THE DAILY BEAST. In a range of different realms, prominent people fell victim recently to their own controversial comments and associations, illustrating the application of political...

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Colorado Massacre: No Causes, No Cures

After the grisly massacre in Colorado no one will attend weekend showings of The Dark Knight Rises with expectations of a rollicking, uplifting, feel-good night at the movies. But even before its association with horrifying images of...

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Can Mitt Break the Veep Curse?

As Mitt Romney ponders the most fateful decision of his presidential campaign, he must move decisively to break a dysfunctional habit that’s afflicted his party for a half century. Since the end of the Eisenhower era, Republican...

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Blown Media Calls Send Warning on November

Outrageous mistakes in cable-network coverage of last week’s Obamacare decision should raise major concerns about far more consequential errors that easily could mar election-night reporting this November. And while erroneous...

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Federal Spending Can Be Mitt’s Issue

Are you willing to spend $2,675 a month to support the federal government? Would you choose to invest $32,100 every year to pay for the services Washington provides for you? That’s the principal question the voters will decide in...

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