Liberal Hypocrisy on Guns, Suicide

In pushing for dramatic new federal action, gun control advocates often mislead the public with the term “gun deaths.” They do so by citing statistics including not only murders committed with firearms, but also including the much...

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Les Miz: Mizleading on History of Change

Revolutionary fervor in seizing the barricades for change makes for great theater and grand cinema, but seldom produces the positive results that young idealists desire. Those constructive consequences come much more reliably from...

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Santa Is a Conservative

Battered by electoral disaster and a withering budget fight, Republicans should rally their disheartened troops by reclaiming the most beloved figure in American life as one of their own: yes, Santa is a conservative! In the past,...

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This Is (Futile) 40?

One of Hollywood’s big offerings for the holiday season is a raunchy comedy about midlife crisis, THIS IS 40. Writer-director Judd Apatow, best known for hits like KNOCKED UP, uses his real-life wife, Leslie Mann, and their two young...

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How to Run Ahead of the Ticket

If Republicans hope to break their wretched streak of disappointing presidential campaigns – losing the popular vote in five of the last six White House contests – they should learn crucial lessons from the only candidate in that...

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The Tax-the-Rich Fairy Tale

The Obama administration and its allies are so eager to portray tax hikes on the rich as the solution to all our problems that they desperately desire to persuade the public that tax cuts for the rich caused all those problems in the first...

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The Conservative Losing Streak: In Perspective

Conservatives feel understandably discouraged by the dismal results of November’s elections, but we ought to put our recent presidential losing streak in perspective. It’s true that Republicans lost the popular vote in five of the last...

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The Taxman Meets the Taxidermist

Only once in a great while will a single story simultaneously illuminate the embarrassing excesses of both low politics and high culture, but the troubling true tale of the tax man and the taxidermist, the stuffed bird and the feathered...

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The Many Loves of FDR

The new movie HYDE PARK ON HUDSON, with Bill Murray playing Franklin Roosevelt, is a flawed, frustrating melodrama but it raises important questions about historical perspective. The movie dramatizes a 1939 visit by Britain’s King and...

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Attack Policies, Not Intentions

After stinging electoral defeat and in the midst of stalled budget negotiations, some leading conservatives impute dark motives to Barack Obama. According to these arguments, the president will go over the fiscal cliff to wreck the...

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