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Baseball Strikes Out on Culture War Symbols

Departing from its proudly non-political posture, Major League Baseball offered contrasting responses to different symbols identified with the culture war. In St. Louis, a Cardinals fan complained because Busch Stadium regularly featured a...

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Why Not Separate the Immigration Issues?

Conservatives who remain dubious over immigration reform often want to separate the issues, emphasizing border security first, with consideration of legalization later. But the political problem is obvious: Democrats won’t agree to...

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Double Standards on Flaunting Sexuality

Why welcome public expressions of gay affection that we wouldn’t tolerate between males and females? Joel Engardio, a Democratic Party activist writing in USA Today, proudly described lecturing at a San Francisco high school while “two...

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Discrimination Redefined

The Obama administration has filed suit against two major companies that disqualify job applicants with serious criminal records. Statistics show that African-Americans are disproportionately arrested and convicted of such offenses, so the...

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An Open Letter on Middle-East Confusion

A close-friend wrote to my wife with serious concerns about her nephew, a bright and idealistic young man who came home from his elite university full of indignation about the state of Israel and its alleged destruction of the once...

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Filling a Void

The remarkable new film FILL THE VOID is richly romantic, overwhelmingly emotional, and full of inspiring religious overtones. Set among Israel’s devout Hassidic community, this film festival favorite tells the story of an 18-year-old...

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Why the Public Questions the Recovery

While economists and politicians celebrate economic recovery, the American people refuse to accept the good news. Only a third of the public sees the nation headed in “the right direction” – a figure that’s dropped ten points since...

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Americans Value Cheerfulness, but Germans….

A new study of female business success has inspired controversy around the world with its conclusion that women with a “cheerful” and friendly temperament face less chance of advancement at work. Big majorities of the business...

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Choosing from the Party’s Center

Democrats regularly insist the GOP has been captured by right wing extremists and only hard-line conservatives can prevail in the primary process. How, then, do they explain the last two presidential nominees – Romney and McCain? Both...

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Should Eleven Year Olds “Come Out”?

Should eleven year old boys who haven’t even reached puberty make public declarations about their sexuality? Of course not, but the disastrous new policy by the Boy Scouts of America encourages children to proudly announce their own...

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Does an Opposition Congress Doom a Presidency?

President Obama blames Congressional Republicans for collapse of his “hope and change” agenda, but those claims make no sense in historical context. Since World War II, all the most successful two-term presidents worked with Congresses...

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