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Aug 22, 2014

Hour 1 Guest: Michael Steele
Hour 2 Is America at war with ISIS?
Hour 3 Open lines and movie reviews
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Aug 21, 2014

Hour 1 ISIS and Israel
Hour 2 Ferguson Shooting
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Aug 20, 2014

Hour 1 Max Boot on ISIS
Hour 2 Arthur Brooks: Breaking Out of the Party Box
Hour 3 Ferguson Shooting
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Aug 19, 2014

Hour 1 Reactions to Ferguson shooting
Hour 2 Rep. Paul Ryan
Hour 3 Voter Registration
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Aug 18, 2014

Hour 1 Shooting of Michael Brown
Hour 2 President Obama on the Shooting of Michael Brown
Hour 3 Sen. Santorum on Israel
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Aug 15, 2014

Hour 1 Guest Jason Riley talks with Michael about the situation in Ferguson, MO
Hour 2 Obama's foreign policy
Hour 3 Open lines and movie reviews
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Aug 14, 2014

Hour 1 President Obama on the Ferguson shooting and protests
Hour 2 The Denial of Middle-Class Prosperity By Neil Gilbert
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Aug 13, 2014

Hour 1 The incovenient truth about the dangers to black men
Hour 2 Coping with the suicide epidemic
Hour 3 Myth of the suffering middle class
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Aug 12, 2014

Hour 1 Death of Robin Williams
Hour 2 What does it mean to be white?
Hour 3 Obama's foreign policy
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Aug 11, 2014

Hour 1 Racial incident in Missouri and attempts to alter political momentum
Hour 2 Democrats trying to sound conservative
Hour 3 Guest: Stephen Moore
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Aug 8, 2014

Hour 1 Ralph Peters on Iraq and Israel
Hour 2 Cease-Fire Ends As Hamas Resumes Rocket Attacks
Hour 3 Alan Dershowitz, Kevin Sorbo and Movie Reviews
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Aug 7, 2014

Hour 1 President Obama Considers Airstrikes or Aid to Help Trapped Iraqis
Hour 2 Divided America
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Aug 6, 2014

Hour 1 Poll: Nearly six in 10 Americans say they are mad enough to protest
Hour 2 IRS Strikes Deal With Atheists To Monitor Churches
Hour 3 Maureen Dowd says President Obama is ‘Slacking Off and Playing Golf,’ ‘Coasting into Irrelevance’
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Aug 5, 2014

Hour 1 Protests held against Israel
Hour 2 Study: Working-Class Politicians Aren’t Always Best for the Working Class
Hour 3 BOOK: The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents
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Aug 4, 2014

Hour 1 President Obama approval drops to new low
Hour 2 The New Cold War: Putin’s Russia and the Threat to the West by Edward Lucas
Hour 3 New study on tattoos and early mortality
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Aug 1, 2014

Hour 1 Israel-Gaza cease-fire collapses
Hour 2 Karl Rove
Hour 3 Movie Reviews
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Jul 31, 2014

Hour 1 Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer
Hour 2 House approves lawsuit against President Obama
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Jul 30, 2014

Hour 1 President Obama Slams Republicans in Kansas City Speech
Hour 2 Democrats Pushing Impeachment For Support
Hour 3 Anti-Israel Protester
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Jul 29, 2014

Hour 1 NY Times: Outside Money Drives a Deluge of Political Ads
Hour 2 Kate Obenshain on the War on Women
Hour 3 Crisis in Israel
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Jul 28, 2014

Hour 1 Impeachment
Hour 2 Sarah Palin
Hour 3 Column: Are the wealthy too rich?
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