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Apr 17, 2014

Hour 1 Western Washington University president says school is too white
Hour 2 The Myth of the Spoiled Child: Challenging the Conventional Wisdom about Children and Parenting
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Apr 16, 2014

Hour 1 Allen West
Hour 2 John Wayne: The Life and Legend
Hour 3 Maximalist: America in the World from Truman to Obama
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Apr 15, 2014

Hour 1 Conspiracy Day
Hour 2 Conspiracy Day
Hour 3 Conspiracy Day
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Apr 14, 2014

Hour 1 Kansas City shooter faces hate crime charges
Hour 2 Atheists march around Mormon temple in Salt Lake City
Hour 3 Debate about science and religion
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Apr 11, 2014

Hour 1 Kathleen Sebelius resigns
Hour 2 ENLIST Act with Congressman Jeff Denham
Hour 3 Open lines and movie reviews
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Apr 10, 2014

Hour 1 Sen. Rick Santorum
Hour 2 11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative by Paul Kengor
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Apr 9, 2014

Hour 1 Penn. High School Stabbing
Hour 2 Gov. Jindal
Hour 3 Column: The Color of His Presidency
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Apr 8, 2014

Hour 1 Equal Pay Day
Hour 2 There Is No Republican Civil War
Hour 3 Tax the Childless
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Apr 7, 2014

Hour 1 Jeb Bush on immigration reform
Hour 2 Gallup Poll on Trust in State Governments
Hour 3 Income Inequality
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Apr 4, 2014

Hour 1 Mozilla CEO resigns amid controversy on gay unions
Hour 2 Social Progress Index ranks countries
Hour 3 Open Lines
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Apr 3, 2014

Hour 1 President Obama attacks Republicans and Supreme Court case on election campaigns
Hour 2 Business Secrets from the Bible: Spiritual Success Strategies for Financial Abundance by Rabbi Daniel Lapin
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Apr 2, 2014

Hour 1 Supreme Court strikes down overall limits on campaign contributions
Hour 2 Steve Moore
Hour 3 Sen. Reid attacks the Koch brothers and Pelosi praises Obamacare
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Apr 1, 2014

Hour 1 Equal Pay Act
Hour 2 President Obama Speaks on the Affordable Care Act Enrollment
Hour 3 Obamacare Enrollment
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Mar 31, 2014

Hour 1 Defenders of Russia
Hour 2 VP Biden's appearance on Rachael Ray
Hour 3 Boycotting Art
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Mar 28, 2014

Hour 1 Uninformed voters
Hour 2 ‘Noah’ Co-Writer Ari Handel
Hour 3 Open lines and movie reviews
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Mar 27, 2014

Hour 1 Democrats attack Koch brothers
Hour 2 George Will
Hour 3 Disagreement Day
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Mar 26, 2014

Hour 1 Obamacare extension
Hour 2 Number of depressed people on the rise
Hour 3 Poll: 68% More Likely to Turn Out If Measure to Legalize Pot Is on the Ballot
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Mar 25, 2014

Hour 1 Hobby Lobby Supreme Court birth control case
Hour 2 President Obama defends himself on Russia after Romney's criticism
Hour 3 Gallup: U.S. Whites More Solidly Republican in Recent Years
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Mar 24, 2014

Hour 1 Russell Simmons
Hour 2 Column: Republicans Are Celebrating Too Soon
Hour 3 Column: The Case for Nationalism
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Mar 21, 2014

Hour 1 Income Inequality
Hour 2 Atheists demand that Gov. Walker remove a Bible verse posted to his social media accounts
Hour 3 Open Lines and Movie Reviews
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