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  1. Gino  •  Aug 14, 2014 at 6:38 pm

    When this guy described “the God of the Bible”, he was quoting Richard Dawkins almost verbatim. Way to think for yourself there, Mr. Freethinker.

  2. Mike Dietrich  •  Sep 23, 2014 at 11:54 am

    It might be good for this guy to take a look at history. No other book has had a more positive influence on governance than the Bible. Most enlightened legal codes are based on the Law of Moses. Most great educational institutions were founded in response to Biblical values regarding the importance of developing the mind (love the Lord your God with all your…mind…) and God’s mandate for man to be a good steward of the created order. Modern science would not exist without a Biblical world view. There are countless charities and philanthropic organizations which exist because of the Biblical perspective of God’s love and compassion toward the poor, oppressed, and needy, and that bring untold help and relief and rescue and encouragement to people all over the world. There’s a great book about the Bible called The Book That Transforms Nations, that gives some great history lessons about Biblical influence on culture, governance, business practices etc., that might be helpful for a guy like Dan Barker to read. At least then he wouldn’t be so completely ignorant. (I know, it’s not a matter of ignorance, but of stubborn prejudice in the face of the facts, in which case facts can be useless.) But in contrast, Mein Kampf gives us a philosophical base for Nazi-ism, WWII, the Holocaust, unspeakable horrors. Thank you Michael for your articulate explanations of truth related to these issues – I wish you had the ear of more Americans than you do!

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