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  1. Paul in Sweden  •  Dec 8, 2015 at 11:26 am

    “Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) told talk radio host Michael Medved that Trump’s idea was “the kind of thing that people say when they have no experience and don’t know what they’re talking about.”

    No Gov.Krispy Kreme of New Jersey, future POTUS Trump knows how to maximize the 140 character limit for the twits on twitter to simplify and broaden his message.

    As a child if I came close to my home after swimming in a disease infested cesspool I would not be allowed in the house before I was blasted down with a garden hose, before being allowed into the bathtub to be scrubbed with homemade lye based soap. Even after that it would be unlikely that I would be allowed to sit on the furniture for quite some time. Why in the world would LEFTISTS think that after vacationing at a terrorist training camp that I would not need supervision, detention, inspection and disinfection?

    At this point in time, I view anyone tarred by the far left as RACIST as just meaning this person is RACIST and Does NOT adhere to OUR MANTRA of INSANITY.

    Country X has a population composed primarily of individuals and militant groups that are RACISTS, HOMOPHOBES, SECTARIANISTS, BIGOTS, MISOGYNISTS, RAPISTS, MURDERERS AND MENTAL CASES which are opposed to free speech, free assembly and especially freedom of the press and the very breath of every westerner. — for sake of convenience and perspective let us refer to country X as SYRIA.

    So this country X, SYRIA, with a population composed primarily of individuals and militant groups that are RACISTS, HOMOPHOBES, SECTARIANISTS, BIGOTS, MISOGYNISTS, RAPISTS, MURDERERS AND MENTAL CASES which are opposed to free speech, free assembly and especially freedom of the press and the very breath of every westerner has a civil war. Leftists in the civilized world say to the sane people in the civilized world that these two, three, four, six, eighteen… groups of people from this nation of people that are against everything we believe in are fighting with each other in their country and it would be a great idea if we relocated each of these warring groups into our own communities with free housing, medical, welfare and pensions so that they can continue their hostility against each other and more readily kill myself, my family, my friends and members of my community.


    If you are a refugee from a country, you do not go for family vacations from the EU or the USA to the very same country you claim to have fled.

    How can we forget the Iconic photo of the dead Syrian boy on the beach. The boy of the human trafficker that lived and worked in Turkey before fleeing to Greece so he could get free dental care in Sweden, a service that I, my wife, my family and every Swedish citizen must pay. He fled from Turkey, a country that I weekly here in Sweden have my mail slot stuffed with travel packages for travel in Turkey.

    The human trafficker and his Iconic Photo Boy, took the bodies of his Photo Boy, his other child and his wife back to Country X(Syria) to his home town, the place he fled from after living in Turkey(a place I am solicited to vacation) so that he with his older brother why by coincidence still lives in his home town and remains prosperous could bury his family.

    No Gov. Krispy of New Jersey, future POTUS Trump simplifying a message causes me no problems because his terse character sound bite limited words reached the simplified masses. Schools and Businesses do not exist for the sole benefit of the advancement of union bosses and GOVERNMENT does not exist for the benefit of fat assed career politicians like Gov. Krispy Kreme of New Jersey.

  2. Gary H.  •  Dec 8, 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Michael. I know you don’t like Trump, but you are getting to sound like a liberal with your attempts to discredit and dissuade your listeners from voting for Trump. You are obviously not affected by the daily results of illegal immigration and the concern for Muslim refugee’s coming into this country. Sorry, was a loyal listener that can no longer listen to your show. You have a microphone to promote your political preferences, I only have my choice to turn you off and if you don’t change your obvious displeasure with Trump, you might also turn off a majority of your listeners. Liberal media created the success of Fox News because we were tired of hearing the political assissinations against Conservatives. The poles tell us who and what most Republicans want for our country. If you don’t like Trump, how about just telling listeners why you support another candidate, but cut the Trump bashing.

  3. Juliet Lacross  •  Dec 9, 2015 at 11:05 pm

    I think Trump is right.. get them out now while we can and be ahead of everything. Those people have a very dangerous and violent religion. If they are beheading and destroying Christians another religion can you imagine what they will do here in our country if given the chance to do more? They will get rid of America’s Christians.These people can diguise themselves as good citizens just to come into our country and behind our back they can change to destroy. We need to protect America and the American people. Isis will not go away peacefully so talks and doing things the right way will not work… Trump seems to be the only one who can see this.

  4. Bob  •  Dec 12, 2015 at 5:29 pm

    Michael, I know you are a Specialist in U.S. History. Can you comment on this?

    Wentworth Cheswell was a U.S. founding father, Revolutionary War hero, teacher, and elected official, but you probably have never heard of him. That’s because Wentworth Cheswell is African American and there was a time when their presence was purposefully stripped from American history books. This is just one example of how our history curriculum constantly leaves out prominent African Americans.

    The complete story of America should be in our history books. Often the story of African Americans in our history are relegated only to slavery, the Civil War, and the Civil Rights Movement. Our history, America’s history, is so much more. It’s time to include the many African American founding fathers, heroes, scientists, inventors, and other important figures that have been left out of our school’s history books.

    We are calling on Secretary Arne Duncan, head of the Department of Education, to work with historians and scholars that specialize in African American History to develop better guidelines and suggested curriculum that includes the African Americans that have contributed so much to our history.

    At the moment, the federal government can only help make suggestions for what should be included in school curriculum due to a law passed by Congress. While this make such an effort seem only symbolic, it would be a bold move in the right direction and bring attention to an issue that has gone unnoticed in many classrooms. It would help states and local school boards better craft an education that shares the contributions of all Americans.

    African American history is American history and it shouldn’t be relegated to one month out of the year. In order for that to happen, we need leadership and guidance from officials like Secretary Duncan. Please join us in calling for the Department of Education to create a task force made up of historians and scholars that specialize in African American History to help build a more inclusive history curriculum for our students.

    • Mark Bradley  •  Dec 14, 2015 at 9:02 pm

      Didn’t Carter do the same thing back in the 70’s during the Iranian hostage ordeal?

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