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After Earth

Cast: Jaden Smith, Will Smith, Sophie Okonedo

Release Date: Fri, May 31, 2013

MPAA Rating: PG-13

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  1. Mike  •  Jun 19, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    The destruction of the city was over the top especially when you compare it to the Christopher Reeve concept of taking the fight away from the city even if it makes you look like a coward. That indicated intelligence and a concern for the safety of others.

    How is it the hero who doesn’t appear to demonstrate any significant craftiness over his opponent beat him? The writers simply resorted to the “my good guy is tougher than your bad guy” approach. General Zod verbally had a point, they were trained and experienced fighters, Kal-El wasn’t and up until that time avoided hurting anyone. So how does he suddenly get to become a super skilled fighter? I guess he just got lucky and gained the upper hand as we are led to believe.

    The last scene in the movie also demonstrated a lack of intelligent thought, he trashed a satellite. I understand the writers wanted to let us know he tired of them trying to find out where he “hangs his cape”. It wasn’t necessary to damage it just put it in an orbit elsewhere. He could put it back if the government agreed to his terms of privacy in which all demonstratively witnessed he could enforce. Besides anyone with a middle school education understands if you locate Lois, you’re going to find Supes.

    The whole Lois connection was lost on me. There wasn’t much time for a romance to develop so how come the long kiss after the whole town got trashed and there are likely a lot of people to rescue? As in all of them, how is it Kal-El just puts on a pair of specs and becomes mild mannered Clark Kent? Gee thats a clever disguise. That may have worked in the 30’s through 50’s but I thought the writers were working on making a more grounded ‘realistic’ film. They succeeded doing that in the first third of the film but lost that ground in the final act.

    Superman’s life would be pure hell in todays society. While rescuing some poor kid who nearly fell out of a tree, across the globe, people are hunting each other down like a pack of dogs laying in wait. Across town there’s a bank robbery where the perps have better body armor and guns than the police. Don’t you think the lawyers will be circling like a pack of wolves knowing they can sue him and the city which allows him to reside in it? They can call into question every decision he makes and call him every nasty word in the book. You say they wouldn’t do that, he’s Superman. I say, read and listen to what people say about God.

    One final thought. There was a space ship from Krypton in the ice for 18,000 years and it worked just fine and was every bit as modern as the later models which Zod and his crew ran around in. Why is that? They said they were hunting him for 33 years not 18,000. Had they not gained enough strategical knowledge in that time to do a better job of laying waste and capturing Kal-El once they put down the virus Jor-El planted in the ships computer? How did Jor-El create any retrofitted control of an 18,000 year old space ship implanted on earth which Zod managed to defeat with his anti-virus key? I mean, we can’t do that with a 1930’s packard? This was a total plot device failure in my opinion.

    The movie audience in which I attended liked the film so much when it ended they applauded and cheered. I sat there wondering if we saw the same movie.

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