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Cast: Jason Clarke, Ang Phula Sherpa, Thomas M. Wright

Release Date: Fri, Sep 25, 2015

MPAA Rating: PG-13

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  1. Jay Pole  •  Oct 1, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    Creative Housing Solutions, which trackspublic expenditures on local homeless people in the Central Florida region. Because of costs like frequent emergency room visits, hospital admissions and repeated arrests for homeless-related crimes, the analysis estimated each homeless person costs taxpayers $31,065 each year. To put that into perspective, providing the chronically homeless with permanent housing and case managers to supervise them would be about $10,000 per person each year.

    In March The University of North Carolina at Charlotte released a study that found housing chronically homeless adults produced a 78 percent reduction in emergency room costs, the Charlotte Observer reported. The numbers also showed the previously homeless tenants in the study spent 84 percent fewer days in jail, largely due to a decrease in crimes like loitering and begging.

  2. gary grecco  •  Nov 17, 2015 at 5:40 pm

    They missed the boat when telling the story of Mt Everest. This modern adventure was meaningless but in the early 1920’s Mt Everest was a distant and exotic locale only dreamed about when viewed from 110 miles when it was surveyed in the 1850’s. George Mallory was the principal climber of 3 British expeditions that sought to find a way to a base camp and then find a way up the mountain. It took 2 months to trek across northern India, through Sikkim and onto the Tibetan Plateau before the peak revealed itself, still miles distant. On the third expedition, after a dozen sherpas perished the previous year looking for the way up, Mallory and his younger friend Sandy Irvine made a last gasp effort to attain the summit via the deadly north slope. They were last seen by a fellow climber who was collecting fossils from the slopes 5000 ft below. He saw two tiny figures ascend the fabled last step before the final snow covered pyramid of Everest. Clouds moved in and covered his view so he could not follow them all the way. They were late in the day to ascent the final pyramid. They would be descending in darkness if they had made it. They were never seen again. Seventy years later Mallory’s body was discovered on the lower slopes. HIs sun goggles were in his pocket, suggesting a nightime descent. A note he carried from his wife was not in his pocket. He had promised to leave it on the summit when he got there. Sandy Irvine’s body was seen by a Chinese climber during the fabled mass ascent of the North Slope of Everest in 1960. He descibed it as “Old English” with a hole in his cheek. laying in the fetal position. The Chinese climber did not investigate it any further. He died in a fall the next day. No one has ever found that body again. Sandy was believed to have carried a Kodak Brownie camera with which to photograph Mallory at the summit. The camera was not with Mallory so if they had it then it must be with Sandy Irvine. Kodak said that if it was recovered they would probably be able to develop the frozen film which might verify the success of this expedition.

    Do you think this would have made a better movie than the chronicle of the self made, middle class catastrophe that is this Everest movie. Too bad David Lean isn’t alive. He would have done a nice job on this sort of thing. Why Hollywood fumbles like this is beyond me.

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