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The Rise of Antisemitism: Why Now?

The mounting evidence of a sharp rise in antisemitic attitudes and actions raises a profoundly puzzling question: why now? What recent developments for the Jewish people and the state of Israel have provoked these alarming new levels of...

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America Not Alone in Racial Strife

Like America, Germany faces renewed racial tension with shadows from a troubled past. A terrorist in military garb burst into a synagogue in Hamburg on the festival of Sukkot, known to many Christians as the Feast of Tabernacles. A local...

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Exaggerating Bad News on Racism, Anti-Semitism

Bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers and desecration of Jewish cemeteries make the news and produce fears of surging Jew hatred, even though scientific studies show anti-Semitism at historic lows. A survey from Pew Research Center...

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