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Joe Biden’s the Right Target—Not Barack Obama

Everyone expects President Trump to use his record-breaking campaign war chest to launch vigorous attacks on his November opponent, Joe Biden, but the President’s recent verbal assaults on Barack Obama do nothing to enhance his...

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What “Terrible Force” Was Unleashed?

In his much-praised Hiroshima speech, President Obama appropriately avoided a formal apology for America’s decision to drop the atom bomb. Yet his soaring rhetoric strongly implied moral equivalency between the United States and Japan in...

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In early June, Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a wildly cheering crowd in Teheran that his country had nothing to fear from the United States in its development of nuclear resources. “They have renounced the idea of...

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Racism & Obama: He’s a Beneficiary, Not a Victim

Note: a version of this piece appeared in the Wall Street Journal on May 27, 2014. Evidence from exit polling strongly suggests that Barack Obama’s two presidential victories relied on race-based bloc voting that no Democratic...

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If you don’t believe in a loving God you’re more likely to crave a loving government – a yearning that helps explain the political survival of Barack Obama. In 2012, 83% of American voters said they attended religious services at...

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Freezing Spending, Assuring a Surplus

  Amazingly enough, the federal government announced in February a freeze on new spending, with credible plans for a budget surplus by 2015! Unfortunately, the federal government I’m referring to isn’t in the U.S.; it’s north of...

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Avoid the “I Word”

New revelations about the administration’s shameless distortions and epic incompetence regarding Benghazi make it clear this scandal won’t soon disappear. Some conservative commentators, and even talking heads on liberal MSNBC, have...

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Will We Change the Times, or Let the Times Change Us?

Searching for catchy phrases among arid platitudes in Barack Obama’s uninspired inaugural, his media admirers focused on one brief, pithy formulation. “Times change … and so must we.” That statement seemed to reflect the...

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Santa Is a Conservative

Battered by electoral disaster and a withering budget fight, Republicans should rally their disheartened troops by reclaiming the most beloved figure in American life as one of their own: yes, Santa is a conservative! In the past,...

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