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Three Aged Candidates Prove the Power of Familiarity

After Super Tuesday, the choice for president narrowed to three well-known—and very elderly—candidates. By the time of November’s election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will range in age from 74 to 79; whoever wins will...

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Bernie’s Shrinking Base

One of the most persistent lies about the current primary season involves the purported popularity of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the claim that growing swaths of the American electorate suddenly embrace socialism. Results from South...

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Blaming the Billionaires

An angry New York Times column by Anand Giridharadas—a committed Sanders-nista—expresses the envious rage that drives Senator Bernie’s campaign. The author says the most important question for candidates is whether—at the end of...

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“Last Hurrah” for the Boomer Generation?

As the presidential campaign heats up, leaders over 70 control our politics. If Trump wins re-election, he’d be 78 at his term’s end – the oldest president ever. Elizabeth Warren would be 75, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg would...

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“Idealism” Has Nothing To Do With It

In attempting to explain the enthusiasm of so many young voters for Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy, conventional commentary suggests that the 74-year-old Senator appeals powerfully to their “youthful idealism.” But what’s...

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