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Do “Good Manners” Require “Obedience”?

BY DIANE MEDVED   A cute-kid story that has moved into our family lore took place about two years ago, when Julia, then about 3, was asked what each of her relatives did for a living. “Mommy’s a nurse,” she brightly responded....

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Not All Screen Time Is Created Equal

An important new study from the American Medical Association makes the point that children hurt their school performance not by the total hours they spend in “screen time” but by the kind of screens they choose to watch. In the journal...

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Screen Time Blues

By Diane Medved, Ph.D.   Parents, have you lamented that it’s difficult to restrain kids from too much “screen time?” With kids now owning smart phones at ever-younger ages, it seems they’re replacing interactive play with...

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Defying the “Success Sequence”

The New York Times recently acknowledged that some of the recent changes in marriage and childbearing have damaged our country. Noting that a big majority—55 percent—of first children born to millennial couples are now born outside of...

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