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Fourth Party Prospects for Victory

Third party candidacies are generally a waste of time, but this year a fourth party candidacy could capture the White House. Here’s how it might work: with Democrats deeply divided, the Bernie brigades might walk out of the convention,...

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Hidden Tax Hikes in Trade War Threat

Both Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump have broken with the 70-year consensus on free trade, with Trump threatening a 45 % tariff on imports from China, Mexico, and other countries on his enemies list. The problem is...

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Why Dems Deploy Dynastic, Birth-Right Candidates

The prospect of a 2016 battle royal between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush produces worried shudders over dynastic domination of our politics. But those concerned with the outsized role of family connection in launching careers and...

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“The Unanswered Question”—On Taxes and Spending

In the debate on our fiscal crisis, one crucial question is never answered or even asked: if we’re supposed to go back to Clinton-era tax rates because they were good for America, why don’t we simultaneously return to that era’s...

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