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After the Pandemic, Less Dinner Party Prejudice?

I recently came across a month-old clipping I had meant to use on my radio show—a clipping that conveys a very different message now. The advice column “Ask Amy”—with questions addressed to a would-be successor to “Dear...

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The Secret of Success for Britain’s Conservatives

American conservatives feel rightly inspired by the recent success of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his triumphant, freshly dominant Conservative Party – the Tories. But a brief look at election figures from British balloting...

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“Body Art” and Conservative Values

New York Times Magazine recently praised the current craze for “artistic” self-mutilation, declaring that “the danger, the fear, the foolishness and the pain of getting a tattoo contribute to the thrill.” A new Harris survey...

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Next GOP Nominee: Conservative Record, Moderate Tone

With New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie enmeshed in scandal, the race for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination suddenly looks wide open. But before the GOP coalesces around a new front-runner, they need to drop dangerous delusions about...

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Denying Demographic Reality

In debates over rebuilding the GOP, prominent voices in talk radio and elsewhere dismiss efforts to seek support among non-white voters. “We won great victories in the past without ever getting a majority of Hispanics,” they say. This...

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Santa Is a Conservative

Battered by electoral disaster and a withering budget fight, Republicans should rally their disheartened troops by reclaiming the most beloved figure in American life as one of their own: yes, Santa is a conservative! In the past,...

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