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What If the Candidates Got Sick?

In the volatile campaign of 2020, what new surprises could reshape the contest in its concluding stages? For instance: what if President Trump or Joe Biden—or both of them—were stricken with COVID-19?  Nearly a dozen White House...

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The Left’s Fanatical Substitute for Faith

In late April, hundreds of Orthodox Jews gathered for the funeral of a beloved Chassidic rabbi, but New York’s mayor deemed their rites “absolutely unacceptable” and threatened mass arrests if it happened again. A month later, tens...

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Why Most Americans Love the Police

Angry protestors want to turn public sentiment against the police, but their ugly tactics remind all sane observers how much we need the cops. Rioting, looting, arson, Molotov cocktails, graffiti and vandalism demonstrate how vulnerable...

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The Joys of Walking

By Diane Medved — The early Coronavirus walkers started in March, venturing out in the cold, with barely any yellow-green buds emerging on the trees. That’s when I saw mostly pairs and trios of women, chatting while striding in...

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What Will History Say?

What will history say about this pandemic and the way our leaders coped with it? In the five months remaining before the election, if the rate of death and infection goes down sharply, the economy will continue to re-open and both voters...

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The Most Painful Gap in Unemployment Numbers

New unemployment figures show the tragic impact of the COVID-19 lockdown – while exposing the chief source of economic inequality. Contrary to conventional wisdom, racial disparities don’t make the biggest difference. In fact, the gap...

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When Progressive Priorities Help Spread the Virus

For decades, progressives have pushed relentlessly for public transportation to replace private cars and for greater population density to provide cheaper housing. But now the disproportionate impact of the coronavirus on New York—our...

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