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A Tale of Two Cities

Two recent news reports highlight the crucial importance of secure borders. First, the good news: for the eighth year in a row, San Diego tallied the lowest murder rate of America’s biggest cities; only 35 people lost their lives to...

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Believing Lies About Murder Rates and Causes

A new Marist Poll shows more than two-thirds of Americans think the gun murder rate has gone up in America since 1994. In truth, the rate of gun homicides has been cut nearly in half—from 6.2 to 3.4 per 100,000. The public gets the wrong...

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A Lesson from “The Most Dangerous Cities”

New FBI statistics reveal the worst cities in the country in terms of violent crime. St. Louis tops the list as the most dangerous metropolis of them all, perhaps showing the impact of the “Ferguson Effect” that has crippled policing...

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A Crime, Not a “Tragedy”

Many media commentators reflexively described the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, DC as a “tragedy”. This designation amounts to a sloppy, misleading abuse of language. September 11th wasn’t a tragedy, nor was the Holocaust; these...

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Why Obama Hides Good News on Guns

The president’s passion for gun control leaves him oddly unwilling to claim credit for one of the few signs of progress during his first term. After four years of Obama, poverty and food stamps are up, middle class incomes are down,...

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