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Encourage Participation, Not Doubts, About Voting

Politicians make a terrible mistake by trying to discredit the upcoming election before votes have even been cast. President Trump pre-emptively denounces the election as “rigged” and “fraudulent”, while prominent Democrats...

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Why Democrats Want Impeachment Delays

The new year brings new questions about the Democratic Party and its impeachment obsession. After urgent demands for Trump’s immediate removal, Democrats suddenly slowed down the impeachment process—delaying a Senate trial and hoping...

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Dems Force a Confrontation They Can’t Win

The Democrats seem determined to impeach President Trump without a single Republican Congressman or Senator offering support for their reckless assault. This hyper-partisan, ill-considered course of action won’t punish the...

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Impeachment Push Promotes Pence

Why are Congressional Democrats so insanely determined to install Mike Pence as President of the United States? That’s the real question behind the reckless, irresponsible push to impeach Donald Trump and remove him from office. Even in...

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Good News on Abortion Challenges Democratic Logic

USA TODAY trumpeted the good news about abortion with a big front-page headline, proclaiming: ABORTION RATE AT ITS LOWEST SINCE ROE. New figures from the Allen Guttmacher Institute show that the number of abortions continued to trend...

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The Contradiction at the Core of Gun Confiscation

Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke’s loony plan for compulsory “buy-back” of AR-15’s and similar weapons, exposes the glaring contradiction at the core of Democratic thinking on gun regulation. When asked...

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