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Does Trump Still Wield His Electoral Magic?

Despite recent polling that shows sharp declines in his national favorability ratings, Donald Trump remains the preferred presidential pick of many, if not most, self-identified Republicans. This durable popularity doesn’t stem from the...

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The GOP’s War of the Roses

As pundits ponder the looming prospect of a “Republican Civil War,” they instinctively draw dire analogies with the cataclysmic conflict between Union and Confederacy some 160 years ago. But to gain a more illuminating...

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An Escape Route from the Impeachment Mess

What’s the real point of this after-the-buzzer impeachment play? The normal justification for putting a president on trial and removing him from office is to defend the nation from a dangerous miscreant with potent power. But Trump’s...

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The Cost of a Lie

Every significant lie comes with a significant cost: usually to the liar (who’s often exposed and disgraced) and always to anyone who hears and believes the lie (and whose view of the world is dangerously distorted). Consider two...

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The Lie at the Bottom of it All

The gut-wrenching spectacle of flag-waving mobs storming the Capitol building on January 6th represented more than the dangerous delusions of a few thousand radicals. Tens of millions of decent, patriotic Americans share the rioters’...

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The GOP’s Challenge: The Unspeakable “C-Word”

Despite encouraging news in Senate and House elections scattered across the country, the 2020 returns did little to shake the GOP’s recent status as near-perennial, popular-vote, presidential losers. In the last eight White House...

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An Inconvenient Truth: It’s Not Really That Close

Whenever American voters deliver a breathlessly close finish to a fiercely contested presidential race, the weary candidates inevitably squabble over recounts, lawsuits, mishandled ballots, and charges of cheating that lead to an obsessive...

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