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The Five Unique Rewards of Marriage

BY DIANE MEDVED Americans tend to revere marriage. Gay couples fought for it, and in June, 2015, the Supreme Court nationalized that right. Even though age at first marriage has risen, most everyone aspires to marry, and so far, nearly...

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Why Not to “Follow Your Heart”

By Diane Medved, Ph.D. It could be that “follow your heart” is the most destructive piece of advice parents, rom-coms and love songs ever dispensed. “Follow your heart” can be blamed for the divorce skyrocket in the late 1970s that...

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The Medveds Take Town Hall

I was pleased to team with my husband Michael a few days ago for a joint appearance, at Seattle’s Town Hall, moderated by National Review’s Jay Nordlinger and sponsored by the Discovery Institute. Billed as a wide-ranging exploration...

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Dr. DIANE MEDVED: The Three Divorce Magnets

Even the best marriages are subject to forces in our pro-divorce culture that exert pressure toward dissatisfaction. They’re magnets that tug spouses apart in their moments of ennui, frustration, or anger, and the inertia of their pull...

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DIANE MEDVED: Why No One Regrets Getting Divorced

by Diane Medved “Why No One Regrets his Divorce” seems a peculiar statement coming from the author of Don’t Divorce. Isn’t the basis of my book that lots of people regret their divorces, and so there’s good reason to prevent...

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Commitment Over Feeling Can Save, Enhance Marriage

Profound changes in the institution of matrimony go far beyond the push for same-sex marriage.  After many years as a clinical psychologist, Dr. Diane Medved notes a shift in marital priorities from commitment to feelings. ”Do your...

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