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Conquest by Context in the History Wars

In today’s bitter battles over telling America’s story, the Left seeks to emphasize shame and shortcomings, while the Right hopes to block the most negative depictions of the nation’s past. What both sides should...

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Our Children Deserve Perspective, Not Propaganda

In this era of much heralded “racial reckoning”, thoughtful citizens should prepare to answer an uncomfortable question: of all major nations on earth, which one benefited the most from the hideously cruel institution of...

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“National Pride” Falls to All-Time Low

A June Gallup Poll carried an alarming message: “US NATIONAL PRIDE FALLS TO RECORD LOW,” the dreary headline proclaimed. Only 42% of respondents described themselves as “extremely proud to be an American” – marking a sharp...

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Undeniable Progress for African Americans

Radical activists and left-leaning media paint a one-dimensional portrait of Black America, showing African Americans as locked in poverty and hopelessness, and falling further and further behind their white counterparts.  But the latest...

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Left Condemns Wealth, But Exaggerates Money’s Power

Liberals love to express their contempt for wealth but profoundly exaggerate the power of money. To them, money in the wrong hands is the source of all evil while placing money in the right hands is the solution to every problem. Consider...

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Liberals exaggerate the power of money, believing that wealth in the wrong hands is the source of all evil, while shifting it to the right hands can solve every problem. In education, they demand constant funding increases—though the...

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