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The Battle for the Senate that Republicans Must Win

All sides in the fiercely fought 2020 election know that it’s a consequential battle, but they should also agree on a crucial aspect of the outcome: America will benefit if Republicans hold their Senate majority. If President Trump wins,...

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Should the U.N. Decide America’s Elections?

In response to President Trump’s refusal to pre-emptively commit to a “peaceful transfer of power” if Biden wins the upcoming election, Democrats wallow in paranoid fantasies of a possible coup. For instance, Peter Beinart in the New...

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Partisan Rage and the Threat of Violence

In the tense weeks leading to a fateful election, Americans have begun to worry about more tense weeks after the voting. A disputed outcome might even inspire fighting in the streets, say scholars at the Hoover Institution, the Hudson...

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Obnoxious Debate Questions for Both Candidates

The candidates must prepare to face tough questions in the first presidential debate on September 29. For instance: Debate Questions for Joe Biden: You’ve supported nationwide demonstrations for racial justice, but would you want them...

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For Great Debates, Upgrade the Format

The three presidential debates that begin September 29th may shape the election’s outcome, but don’t expect deep insight on America’s problems. For the future, the debate commission should upgrade the format, recalling the celebrated...

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Encourage Participation, Not Doubts, About Voting

Politicians make a terrible mistake by trying to discredit the upcoming election before votes have even been cast. President Trump pre-emptively denounces the election as “rigged” and “fraudulent”, while prominent Democrats...

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What If the Candidates Got Sick?

In the volatile campaign of 2020, what new surprises could reshape the contest in its concluding stages? For instance: what if President Trump or Joe Biden—or both of them—were stricken with COVID-19?  Nearly a dozen White House...

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