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Bernie’s Shrinking Base

One of the most persistent lies about the current primary season involves the purported popularity of Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the claim that growing swaths of the American electorate suddenly embrace socialism. Results from South...

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Blaming the Billionaires

An angry New York Times column by Anand Giridharadas—a committed Sanders-nista—expresses the envious rage that drives Senator Bernie’s campaign. The author says the most important question for candidates is whether—at the end of...

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The Big Question No One Asked at the Dem Debate

In the nasty, ferocious, astonishingly unpleasant Democratic debate, no one thought to ask the contenders if they viewed any of their rivals as outside the Democratic mainstream. Obviously, Bernie Sanders, self-proclaimed “democratic...

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If Trump Loses in 2020, He’ll Be Back

At this point, it is obvious that Democrats don’t expect to win the impeachment fight. But they still ardently hope this blistering brawl will damage the president’s reelection drive and rescue America, permanently, from a demagogue...

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Why Democrats Want Impeachment Delays

The new year brings new questions about the Democratic Party and its impeachment obsession. After urgent demands for Trump’s immediate removal, Democrats suddenly slowed down the impeachment process—delaying a Senate trial and hoping...

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Dems Can’t Win By Installing President Pence

As impeachment hearings plow ahead in Washington, the Democrats who drive the process need to begin thinking about the unthinkable: What if, contrary to all expectations, they actually succeeded in driving President Donald Trump from...

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Too Young for the Presidency?

To balance their four leading contenders over 70—Sanders, Bloomberg, Biden and Warren—the Democrats also offer 37-year-old Pete Buttigieg. He’d be by far the youngest chief executive in our history, easily beating 41-year-old...

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Today’s Aspirants Should Heed Lincoln’s Example

Abraham Lincoln remains our most revered political leader but even some of his admirers misunderstand his rise to power. They believe Lincoln only became president in 1860 because Democrats divided, and three major candidates split the...

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