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Divided Government Means Back to Normal

Regardless of the final tabulations in House and Senate races this November, President Joe Biden will benefit from one all-but-certain result of the midterm elections. If, as widely anticipated, Republicans win at least a narrow House...

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Fixing a Broken System

Americans express gloomy sentiments over the state of our current leadership but they should also feel frustration over the eccentric, dysfunctional system with which we select those leaders. Our presidential elections last too long,...

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What Makes Our Politics So Nasty?

What makes our present politics so nasty, negative and intensely personal? Conventional wisdom blames ideological polarization, and the vast gap between left and right, for the bitter nature of the attacks and counter-attacks on all sides....

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Does Trump Still Wield His Electoral Magic?

Despite recent polling that shows sharp declines in his national favorability ratings, Donald Trump remains the preferred presidential pick of many, if not most, self-identified Republicans. This durable popularity doesn’t stem from the...

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Escaping the Trap of a “Groundhog Day” Election

An edgy, angry mood afflicts Americans of every political perspective, stemming from a prevailing sense of helplessness in the face of implacable perils. We feel powerless to roll back a devastating pandemic, to slow the rise of rampaging...

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Seeking Good Intentions from Your Opponents

The core of our present predicament isn’t that rabid partisans disagree over political programs—that’s normal and healthy for a vibrant democracy. The toxic aspect of today’s polarization is that the two sides question...

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The Most Dangerous Myth in American Politics

What’s the most dangerous myth in contemporary politics—a fable that damages both major parties while powerfully promoting polarization? In addition to our era’s most outrageous conspiracy theories (about Hillary Clinton and...

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Can You Imagine President Pence?

Many dispirited Republicans, still struggling to accept Donald Trump’s decisive and legitimate defeat in last November’s election, have begun pondering what they might have done differently to have produced a different result. After...

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