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Fixing a Broken System

Americans express gloomy sentiments over the state of our current leadership but they should also feel frustration over the eccentric, dysfunctional system with which we select those leaders. Our presidential elections last too long,...

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How to Save the Electoral College System

With the prospect that the winning Electoral College candidate will once again lose the popular vote, public opinion seeks change in the way we select presidents. An election eve Gallup Poll showed nearly two thirds who want to “amend...

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Distrusting the People

Angry nationwide demonstrations against more restrictive state abortion laws demonstrate a destructive tendency of the left—distrusting the will of the people, as expressed through their elected representatives. If activists dislike new...

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The “Key Three” Will Determine Everything

Democrats won’t repeat their huge mistake of 2016—focusing on the popular vote and national polling while ignoring crucial mechanics of the Electoral College. To unseat Trump, the Democrats must flip at least three of the nine crucial...

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To Hold Power, GOP Must Win State-by-State Battles

To hold the Senate and White House in 2020’s upcoming battle royal, Republicans must focus on state-by-state results, not the ups and downs in national opinion polls. In 2018’s midterms, Republicans lost 40 House seats, 7...

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