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Why Tech Companies Can’t Keep Good Women

–By Diane Medved–   My son works for a tech firm, and one of the many praises he has for the company, SmartSheet, is that half of its staff are men and half women. “That’s not the usual composition in a tech...

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Do “Good Manners” Require “Obedience”?

BY DIANE MEDVED   A cute-kid story that has moved into our family lore took place about two years ago, when Julia, then about 3, was asked what each of her relatives did for a living. “Mommy’s a nurse,” she brightly responded....

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Chasing “Wholesome”

By Diane Medved — Sometimes it feels like the world is falling apart, with mass shootings, a pandemic that has mowed down more than three million people, unsteady relations between the most dangerous world powers, work lives turned...

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Time to Proclaim: “Family First!”

The collapse of the family stands at the heart of America’s most pressing, painful problems – addiction and suicide, economic inequality, educational under-performance, and even homelessness. Recent statistics show that majorities of...

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Problems Beyond Politics

I’m sure I’m not alone in knowing several families that are prosperous, hard-working and deeply religious and yet lose children to the world of drugs, out-of-wedlock birth, welfare dependence and hopelessness. It’s also increasingly...

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How to Improve Health, Well-Being and Marriage

A new analysis from the Harvard School of Public Health reports on a powerful pattern of behavior that produces substantial benefits in terms of increased longevity, enhanced physical and emotional well-being and, especially, greater...

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The Wealth Gap Is Really a Values Gap

Liberals insist that spending more on social programs and raising taxes on the wealthy will close painful gaps between rich and poor. How, then, do they explain why the poor have fallen further behind each year of Obama’s presidency,...

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