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Junk Food and Irate Parents

BY DIANE MEDVED — On a town-wide internet forum, a polite but passionate battle brewed some time ago, sparked by a mom who posted her disdain that our local middle school sells ‘junk’ like Pop-Tarts. The neighborhood...

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The Dangers of Mixing Screen Time and Snack Time

A study at England’s University of Sussex warns that those who snack while watching television or playing video games are more likely to overeat, greatly increasing risks of obesity. “You’re less likely to be able to tell how full...

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Walking for Life and Health

Many of us who shelter at home find the best chance for exercise and escape through long walks in our own neighborhoods. In a piece of coincidental good timing, the Journal of the American Medical Association just published a study showing...

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Why the Health Differences Between Rich and Poor?

A new study of the aging process demolishes one of the chief leftist claims about health care: that government control can eliminate inequality. The research, conducted by Harvard and University College London, looked at more than 25,000...

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Dog Ownership Adds Years of Life

New medical analysis highlights a life-style choice that can increase your longevity—without giving up any of the indulgences or past-times you’ve come to enjoy. CIRCULATION, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association,...

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Using Food for More than Delicious Nourishment

By Diane Medved, Ph.D. — Elise had an article to write, and only a day to write it. That’s because, like many term-paper, book, work report and article authors whose livelihood depends on their output, she loves having written,...

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Baby Names and Gender Differences

According to the widely accepted stereotype, young adults in the United States tend to disregard traditional gender roles and minimize distinctions between male and female. But when it comes to naming their babies—one of the bigger...

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