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Why the Health Differences Between Rich and Poor?

A new study of the aging process demolishes one of the chief leftist claims about health care: that government control can eliminate inequality. The research, conducted by Harvard and University College London, looked at more than 25,000...

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Steps in the Right Direction on Healthcare

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the most widely respected members of either House of Congress, has begun negotiating a last-ditch healthcare reform that deserves bipartisan support. His approach urges Republicans to...

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No Quick Fix on Health Care

President Trump and Speaker Ryan failed to notch a GOP victory by repealing and replacing Obamacare, but the defeat of The American Health Care Act did highlight an important conservative principle. Conservatism has always emphasized...

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50 Years of Presidential Longevity

On the anniversary of John Kennedy’s death, Americans should feel grateful that it’s been fifty years since any president has died in office. By contrast, in the 120 years before Kennedy, our sitting chief executives perished far...

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