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Trump-Hating Dems Repeat Hillary’s Mistakes

Republicans face media derision if they follow the unconventional, outrageous strategies of their successful presidential candidate. But what about the desperate Democrats who seem oddly eager to mimic the major mistakes of their defeated...

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3 Democratic Delusions

As Democrats try to regroup after their recent presidential defeat, they tend to delude themselves on three crucial points. First, they seek comfort in Hillary Clinton’s popular vote margin of more than two million, marking the sixth...

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Unfair to Stay-at-Home Moms (and Dads)

In a rare area of agreement, both presidential candidates want to help working families with childcare expenses. Trump recently proposed a tax deduction for parents who place their kids in daycare; Clinton backs an even more costly plan,...

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Election is Crucial, Beyond Presidential Choice

Many conservatives feel discouraged at the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for president of the United States but that doesn’t mean we should lose interest in the crucial election this November. Important Senate races in...

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Iowa Proves It: Dems More Divided Than GOP

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Democrats are more ideologically divided than Republicans—and the Iowa Caucuses proved it. Entrance Polls showed Republican voters expressing near unanimous support for conservative principles: a full...

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