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The Rise of Antisemitism: Why Now?

The mounting evidence of a sharp rise in antisemitic attitudes and actions raises a profoundly puzzling question: why now? What recent developments for the Jewish people and the state of Israel have provoked these alarming new levels of...

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Conquest by Context in the History Wars

In today’s bitter battles over telling America’s story, the Left seeks to emphasize shame and shortcomings, while the Right hopes to block the most negative depictions of the nation’s past. What both sides should...

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How Horrible Is Our History, Really?

How horrible is our history, really? Do America’s past 400 years resemble the brutal and tragic legacy of Nazi Germany, and demand that we accept comparable burdens of guilt and shame? Should we adopt “regularized rituals of...

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Our Children Deserve Perspective, Not Propaganda

In this era of much heralded “racial reckoning”, thoughtful citizens should prepare to answer an uncomfortable question: of all major nations on earth, which one benefited the most from the hideously cruel institution of...

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The First Limbaughs: Right Wing Radio Before Rush

In an era of closely divided elections and partisan polarization, a powerful, popular but insecure president resolved to silence hostile media voices by abusing IRS audits, pushing the Federal Communications Commission to launch a...

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The GOP’s Challenge: The Unspeakable “C-Word”

Despite encouraging news in Senate and House elections scattered across the country, the 2020 returns did little to shake the GOP’s recent status as near-perennial, popular-vote, presidential losers. In the last eight White House...

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“National Pride” Falls to All-Time Low

A June Gallup Poll carried an alarming message: “US NATIONAL PRIDE FALLS TO RECORD LOW,” the dreary headline proclaimed. Only 42% of respondents described themselves as “extremely proud to be an American” – marking a sharp...

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