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A Tale of Two Cities

Two recent news reports highlight the crucial importance of secure borders. First, the good news: for the eighth year in a row, San Diego tallied the lowest murder rate of America’s biggest cities; only 35 people lost their lives to...

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A Distressing Tendency to “Cry Wolf”

The radical wing of today’s Democratic Party displays a distressing tendency to “cry wolf”—warning of cataclysmic consequences of climate change, gun violence, racial inequities, and approaching fascism by the populist right. LA...

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Believing Lies About Murder Rates and Causes

A new Marist Poll shows more than two-thirds of Americans think the gun murder rate has gone up in America since 1994. In truth, the rate of gun homicides has been cut nearly in half—from 6.2 to 3.4 per 100,000. The public gets the wrong...

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Leftist Racism Poisons Immigration Debate

In a speech calling to block funding for ICE—Immigration and Customs Enforcement—freshman Congress member Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez suggested that Latino immigrants deserve special status that exempts them from American rules....

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Surprising Facts about American Immigrants

In December, 2018, the non-partisan Pew Research Service finished a major study of foreign-born Americans that provides useful background for today’s immigration debates. First, the vast majority of today’s immigrants are...

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The Title of U.S. Citizen: A Distinction that Matters

A federal judge in New York threw bureaucratic plans into turmoil when he blocked the Trump administration’s decision to add a simple and appropriate question to the census for 2020. The Commerce Department wanted to ask “Are...

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An Outrage Should Inspire Bi-Partisan Action

In Central California, a gang-connected illegal immigrant shot and killed a local cop who, with his wife, had just celebrated a newborn son. The 32-year-old shooter already had two drunk driving arrests and bragged on social media about...

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