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Joe Biden’s the Right Target—Not Barack Obama

Everyone expects President Trump to use his record-breaking campaign war chest to launch vigorous attacks on his November opponent, Joe Biden, but the President’s recent verbal assaults on Barack Obama do nothing to enhance his...

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An Intimate View of a Great American

Based on 30 hours of intimate interviews, the superb new PBS documentary CREATED EQUAL: CLARENCE THOMAS IN HIS OWN WORDS allows the Supreme Court Justice to tell his remarkable story, just as he’d narrate it to family members or close...

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Lying to the Public: Never Irrelevant

Linda Hirshman, author and sex abuse activist, recently reaffirmed her intention to vote for Joe Biden – even though she fully believes Tara Reade’s outrageous charges against him. Hirshman condemns liberal feminists of the 1990s who...

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Don’t Compare Biden and Kavanaugh

Republicans make a big mistake by comparing the assault charges against Joe Biden to previous accusations against Brett Kavanaugh—because the Biden charges are far more serious. Christine Blasey Ford claimed to have been groped by...

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Are Presidential Nominations for “Preppies” Only?

Assuming Joe Biden becomes the Democratic nominee, he’ll fit a well-established but little-noted pattern: 11 of the 12 candidates nominated for president this century graduated from exclusive prep schools, not public high schools—with...

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Three Aged Candidates Prove the Power of Familiarity

After Super Tuesday, the choice for president narrowed to three well-known—and very elderly—candidates. By the time of November’s election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will range in age from 74 to 79; whoever wins will...

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“Last Hurrah” for the Boomer Generation?

As the presidential campaign heats up, leaders over 70 control our politics. If Trump wins re-election, he’d be 78 at his term’s end – the oldest president ever. Elizabeth Warren would be 75, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg would...

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