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New Faces on Our Money?

With names changing on public buildings and statues coming down almost everywhere, the cancel culture now also wants to remake our money. A full page in the New York Times proposed new faces for our coins and bills—emphasizing diversity...

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The Left’s Fanatical Substitute for Faith

In late April, hundreds of Orthodox Jews gathered for the funeral of a beloved Chassidic rabbi, but New York’s mayor deemed their rites “absolutely unacceptable” and threatened mass arrests if it happened again. A month later, tens...

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The Left’s Urge to Censor What We Read–And Think

In a revealing letter to “The Ethicist” column in the New York Times Magazine, a Bay Area renter asked for moral guidance on handling his landlord. He described the man as a “nice guy” providing a below-market rental, but the...

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The Left’s Dubious Diversity

The left cherishes a peculiar, pernicious concept of “diversity” as the New York Times demonstrated with its reporting on the new president of Cuba. The newspaper’s headline proclaimed “A Transition of Power in Cuba...

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