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A Government Crackdown on Immoral Intimate Behavior?

While cultural conservatives worry over threats to traditional morality, few of us would favor aggressive governmental action to punish improper private relationships. In Indonesia, a nation of 200 million with the world’s largest...

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The Five Unique Rewards of Marriage

BY DIANE MEDVED Americans tend to revere marriage. Gay couples fought for it, and in June, 2015, the Supreme Court nationalized that right. Even though age at first marriage has risen, most everyone aspires to marry, and so far, nearly...

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Cultivating Positive Attitudes in Difficult Times

By Diane Medved, Ph.D. Got distress? It seems to be everywhere right now—the political scene is wild, the world is precarious, and too many relationships are teetering. But a counter-intuitive response might help. In researching my new...

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Defying the “Success Sequence”

The New York Times recently acknowledged that some of the recent changes in marriage and childbearing have damaged our country. Noting that a big majority—55 percent—of first children born to millennial couples are now born outside of...

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How to Improve Health, Well-Being and Marriage

A new analysis from the Harvard School of Public Health reports on a powerful pattern of behavior that produces substantial benefits in terms of increased longevity, enhanced physical and emotional well-being and, especially, greater...

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Gay Marriage: Not a Done Deal

World Vision enjoys a well-deserved reputation as an effective, idealistic Christian relief organization, but it recently suffered an embarrassing setback in handling the same-sex marriage issue. Protests from donors around the world...

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The Damaging Rise of Single Households

Perhaps the most puzzling social change of recent decades involves the dramatic upsurge in Americans living alone. In 1900, only 5 percent of households featured a single person; today, a stunning 27 percent of American households consist...

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