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Bias and Blindness in the Prestige Press

On the day after the bold and successful American raid that killed the world’s most-wanted terrorist, the Washington Post ran an instantly infamous headline: ABU BAKR AL-BAGHDADI, AUSTERE RELIGIOUS SCHOLAR AT HELM OF ISLAMIC STATE, DIES...

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New Threats to First Amendment Liberties

A shocking new survey highlights a growing threat to our First Amendment liberties. In a poll of 1,004 respondents, the Campaign for Free Speech found a majority of Americans who want to “rewrite the First Amendment to reflect the...

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What, Exactly, was Sean Spicer’s Crime?

Left-wing intolerance has infected every corner of American journalism – even the entertainment and sports pages. Kurt Bardella, writing for NBC News.com, declared that naming Sean Spicer to the new cast of “Dancing With the Stars”...

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Pushing Guilt Over Gratitude on America’s Past

With much fanfare, the New York Times launched “The 1619 Project”, commemorating the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first 20 enslaved Africans in Jamestown colony.  The Times misleadingly announced: “Though America did not...

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Misleading Headline Displays Bias

A front-page headline in the New York Times distorted a bold new initiative of the Trump administration and displayed that paper’s long-standing grudge. Beneath a dramatic photo of a suspect being led away in handcuffs, the headline...

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