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If some future president honestly wants to fix dysfunctional government, then the repair process must begin at home: with radical restructuring of his own White House staff. According to a report to Congress, the White House now employs...

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Obama’s “Dream” and the Abortion Nightmare

Barack Obama won the presidency in large part through promises to unify America and close painful gaps in our society. Unfortunately, he missed an important chance to advance that process on the recent 41st anniversary of the Roe Vs. Wade...

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Obama Needs French Lessons

The President of France has been reeling from a dysfunctional economy, 20 percent approval ratings, and lurid reports of his extra marital adventures. But Francois Hollande has also drawn praise from other European leaders and...

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Politics Trumps Policy on Syria

As a matter of foreign policy it’s impossible to understand the president’s demented dithering on Syria but it’s easy to comprehend his partisan political strategy. Since Republicans are sincerely split on the right approach to the...

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Why Obama Is No Jackie Robinson

Harvard Law professor Randall Kennedy likens President Obama to an immortal baseball hero as a “Jackie Robinson figure.”  The professor told the New York Times: “Jackie Robinson breaks the color barrier and encounters all sorts of...

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Why Obama Hides Good News on Guns

The president’s passion for gun control leaves him oddly unwilling to claim credit for one of the few signs of progress during his first term. After four years of Obama, poverty and food stamps are up, middle class incomes are down,...

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Hollywood Hypocrisy on Guns

In the same week that A-list celebrities appeared in a painfully earnest video to “demand a plan” from President Obama to end gun violence, leaders of the industry that employs these stars told the White House and the world that they...

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