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Steps in the Right Direction on Healthcare

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, one of the most widely respected members of either House of Congress, has begun negotiating a last-ditch healthcare reform that deserves bipartisan support. His approach urges Republicans to...

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Public Opinion, Obamacare & GOP Reform

In 2010, the health insurance legislation known as “Obamacare” was overwhelmingly unpopular. But Democrats in the White House and Congress pushed it through anyway, and then paid a severe price in the next elections. Today, the...

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No Quick Fix on Health Care

President Trump and Speaker Ryan failed to notch a GOP victory by repealing and replacing Obamacare, but the defeat of The American Health Care Act did highlight an important conservative principle. Conservatism has always emphasized...

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A new poll for Politico focused on the key battleground states for the 2014 election and showed overwhelming opposition to Obamacare. Only 11% of likely voters wanted to keep the Affordable Care Act intact and in place, without significant...

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A Decisive Turning Point

A vote to roll back insurance regulations of the Affordable Care Act may represent the most decisive turning point of the Obama presidency. Thirty-nine Democrats—more than a fifth of all Democrats in the House—joined united Republicans...

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Obamacare’s Three Big Lies

Mounting fury over nationwide insurance cancellations does far more serious damage to Obamacare than does a dysfunctional website. Already, millions have received notices terminating insurance policies because new federal regulations...

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Obama, Not GOP, Should Be Embarrassed by the Shutdown

Despite relentless hype from mainstream media about a looming “Civil War” in the GOP, Republicans should feel no embarrassment about the way their leaders ended the government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis. John Boehner placed the...

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