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Giving Anti-Israel Radicals Exactly What they Wanted

President Trump’s unequivocal support for Israel is meant to advance the cause of peace: convincing Palestinians to abandon their dreams of the Jewish State’s destruction, and persuading Israelis to trust the USA in potential...

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Democrats: Badly Out of the Mainstream on Israel

A survey of opinion on the Middle East brings good news to Israel and bad news for Democrats. The Pew Center asked the question: “In the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, who do you sympathize with?” Among every...

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Ordinary Decency Survives—Even on the West Bank

How can a bus crash produce good news? On a rainy night in late January, a public bus filled with Israeli Jews plunged down a ravine near a West Bank Palestinian village. The driver and one of his passengers died, but many others were...

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Ukraine Offers Lesson on Mideast Negotiations

The United States and Russia need a negotiated understanding on Ukraine, in order to defuse the crisis and secure the upcoming Ukrainian elections. Yet no one sees any such deal as likely to succeed, despite the self-interest of both...

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