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“National Pride” Falls to All-Time Low

A June Gallup Poll carried an alarming message: “US NATIONAL PRIDE FALLS TO RECORD LOW,” the dreary headline proclaimed. Only 42% of respondents described themselves as “extremely proud to be an American” – marking a sharp...

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Cherishing America’s “Pilgrim Soul”

In this crucial presidential election, Americans should ask themselves: what distinguishes great leaders and enables them to inspire the people they serve? Charles Moore, biographer of Margaret Thatcher, noted that “if there was one...

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Undermining Patriotism–and Gratitude

On the importance of patriotism, the younger and older generations hold dramatically different views. According to a Wall Street Journal-NBC poll, nearly 80 percent of those over 55 believe patriotism is “very important” but barely 40...

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The “Pride Gap” Divides the Parties

A Fourth of July headline from the Gallup Poll proclaimed “American Pride Hits New Low” – with only a minority saying they are “extremely proud” to be American. The most disturbing detail is the partisan divide: 76% of...

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