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After the Chauvin Verdict: Bigger Threats Than Bad Cops

This week’s verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial delivered a significant victory to all those, of every race, who demonstrated for more than five years under the slogan “Black Lives Matter”. President Biden and Vice President...

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Encouraging News on Black Reactions to Police

How deep is the painful divide between Black communities and police departments that serve them? An important new Gallup Poll delivers some unexpected, encouraging good news. The researchers asked a pointed and important question:...

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“Peaceful Protest” Is a Contradiction in Terms

The mainstream media reflexively praise the civic unrest afflicting major cities across the country, using the term “peaceful protest,” without ever acknowledging that the phrase is an obvious contradiction in terms. A picnic can be...

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Why Most Americans Love the Police

Angry protestors want to turn public sentiment against the police, but their ugly tactics remind all sane observers how much we need the cops. Rioting, looting, arson, Molotov cocktails, graffiti and vandalism demonstrate how vulnerable...

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A Pointless and Pathetic Confrontation

When asked his opinion of the Iran-Iraq War, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger reportedly commented: “It’s a shame they can’t both lose.” Sensible observers should have the same reaction to the nutty,...

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Would Civilians Be Safer if We Stripped Guns from Cops?

The Left seldom uses the same logic on gun control that it applies to incidents of police shootings of unarmed civilians. Not even the most doctrinaire progressive suggests we should make civilians safer from police gunfire by taking guns...

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Blue Lives Matter

In early October, police officers in Palm Springs, California, responded to a domestic disturbance and a gunman shot two of them dead. One of the victims, a Latino veteran of the force, was a father of 8 who had served 35 years and planned...

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