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Contrasting Views on Wealth and Poverty

A Pew Research study shows sharp contrasts between Republicans and Democrats in attitudes toward wealth and poverty. By more than three-to-one, Republicans say hard work, rather than a person’s advantages, explains why people are rich....

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Government can’t succeed in eliminating poverty but it can certainly contribute to poverty’s perpetuation. Authorizing commercial casinos throughout the country disproportionately damages poor people through the encouragement of bad...

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Left Condemns Wealth, But Exaggerates Money’s Power

Liberals love to express their contempt for wealth but profoundly exaggerate the power of money. To them, money in the wrong hands is the source of all evil while placing money in the right hands is the solution to every problem. Consider...

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Explaining Poverty

With President Obama stressing economic inequality in his State of the Union Address, a new poll seemed to support the idea that the nation’s distribution of wealth is fundamentally unfair. According to the Pew Research Center, more...

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The Wealth Gap Is Really a Values Gap

Liberals insist that spending more on social programs and raising taxes on the wealthy will close painful gaps between rich and poor. How, then, do they explain why the poor have fallen further behind each year of Obama’s presidency,...

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