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Unmasking “Shy Trump Voters”

A little noted detail in a new national poll raises questions on its report of a solid, steady Biden lead. The Wall Street Journal/NBC News Poll also asked respondents about social distancing and 85% claimed they regularly wear masks...

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Re-Engaging the Educated

While Republican strategists concentrate on mobilizing the white, working class voters that gave President Trump his crucial swing state victories last time, they face a real danger of mass defection from the best-educated segment of the...

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What Will History Say?

What will history say about this pandemic and the way our leaders coped with it? In the five months remaining before the election, if the rate of death and infection goes down sharply, the economy will continue to re-open and both voters...

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Joe Biden’s the Right Target—Not Barack Obama

Everyone expects President Trump to use his record-breaking campaign war chest to launch vigorous attacks on his November opponent, Joe Biden, but the President’s recent verbal assaults on Barack Obama do nothing to enhance his...

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A Necessary Message from a Past Pandemic

Imagine a pandemic at least ten times more deadly and devastating than COVID-19, killing nearly 700,000 Americans – while the President of the United States never once makes a public statement about efforts to stop the slaughter.  That...

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Be Frank on What to Expect

According to scientific experts, there’s good news and bad news on the COVID-19 Pandemic. The good news is that social distancing measures will succeed in “flattening the curve”, allowing a return to most aspects of normal...

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Three Aged Candidates Prove the Power of Familiarity

After Super Tuesday, the choice for president narrowed to three well-known—and very elderly—candidates. By the time of November’s election, Donald Trump, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders will range in age from 74 to 79; whoever wins will...

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The Dangers of Contempt

An important speech at the National Prayer Breakfast highlighted the danger of contempt in politics. Arthur Brooks, speaking right before President Trump, asked for a show of hands as to how many in the crowd actually loved someone with...

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A Serious Proposal With Conceptual Breakthroughs

The Trump administration’s Middle East peace plan has been widely criticized as a political stunt, designed to help the re-election efforts of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Trump himself. But such criticism ignores surprising...

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