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If Trump Loses in 2020, He’ll Be Back

At this point, it is obvious that Democrats don’t expect to win the impeachment fight. But they still ardently hope this blistering brawl will damage the president’s reelection drive and rescue America, permanently, from a demagogue...

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“Last Hurrah” for the Boomer Generation?

As the presidential campaign heats up, leaders over 70 control our politics. If Trump wins re-election, he’d be 78 at his term’s end – the oldest president ever. Elizabeth Warren would be 75, Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg would...

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Why Democrats Want Impeachment Delays

The new year brings new questions about the Democratic Party and its impeachment obsession. After urgent demands for Trump’s immediate removal, Democrats suddenly slowed down the impeachment process—delaying a Senate trial and hoping...

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Dems Force a Confrontation They Can’t Win

The Democrats seem determined to impeach President Trump without a single Republican Congressman or Senator offering support for their reckless assault. This hyper-partisan, ill-considered course of action won’t punish the...

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Dems Can’t Win By Installing President Pence

As impeachment hearings plow ahead in Washington, the Democrats who drive the process need to begin thinking about the unthinkable: What if, contrary to all expectations, they actually succeeded in driving President Donald Trump from...

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Smug Contempt Feeds Painful Polarization

A critically acclaimed new Broadway play highlights the bitter contempt that the left seems to feel toward all supporters of President Trump. Tracy Letts’ “Linda Vista” portrays an angry single guy going through mid-life crisis who,...

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Impeachment’s Wrong, But It’s No “Coup”

Like most of my fellow Republicans, I’m convinced that impeaching the president amounts to an irresponsible, destructive strategy — poisonous to political progress and damaging to the very Democrats who embrace the idea. But at the...

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Don’t Blame Trump for the Loathsome “Joker”

Our capitalist system generally rewards companies for manufacturing quality products, but that’s not always true of Hollywood. The new movie “Joker” is a vile concoction about a comic book villain, but set an all-time October record...

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Impeachment Push Promotes Pence

Why are Congressional Democrats so insanely determined to install Mike Pence as President of the United States? That’s the real question behind the reckless, irresponsible push to impeach Donald Trump and remove him from office. Even in...

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