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Race-Based Bias: Never the Answer to Racism

Is it ever appropriate to disqualify an otherwise suitable political candidate on the basis of race alone? That question ought to produce a resounding “No” from people of good will from every race and every party, but a perplexing case...

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Is Racism the Sole Cause of Homelessness?

Yes, America is dealing with a toxic legacy of racism, but it’s destructive to frame all problems in racial terms. For instance, a panelist for “Project Homeless” of the Seattle Times, baldly declared: “To be blunt, there is no...

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Leftist Racism Poisons Immigration Debate

In a speech calling to block funding for ICE—Immigration and Customs Enforcement—freshman Congress member Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez suggested that Latino immigrants deserve special status that exempts them from American rules....

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Exaggerating Bad News on Racism, Anti-Semitism

Bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers and desecration of Jewish cemeteries make the news and produce fears of surging Jew hatred, even though scientific studies show anti-Semitism at historic lows. A survey from Pew Research Center...

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False Charges of Racism

Liberal commentators have attempted to tarnish Donald Trump’s astonishing victory by blaming racism for his triumph. But the simple arithmetic of GOP success proves that racism had little to do with it. In 2016, Mr. Trump got fewer white...

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Racism & Obama: He’s a Beneficiary, Not a Victim

Note: a version of this piece appeared in the Wall Street Journal on May 27, 2014. Evidence from exit polling strongly suggests that Barack Obama’s two presidential victories relied on race-based bloc voting that no Democratic...

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