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Why Prolong an Argument That’s Already Decided?

When you’re losing an argument, it’s pointless and self-destructive to keep it going. And if you’ve already won your argument, it’s ugly and demeaning to continue hectoring your vanquished foe. That’s why both parties to the...

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Striking a Blow for Decency

Carping criticism of the Trump administration’s capable handling of the targeted, allied air strikes against the Syrian dictator follows a long, sad tradition in debates on US foreign policy. The Nazis were profoundly evil in World War...

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Democracy’s Distressing Retreat

Ten years ago, Stanford professor Larry Diamond—a recent guest on my radio show —noted the world was suffering a “democracy recession” with self-government and civil liberties in retreat almost everywhere. When the Soviet...

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Ukraine Offers Lesson on Mideast Negotiations

The United States and Russia need a negotiated understanding on Ukraine, in order to defuse the crisis and secure the upcoming Ukrainian elections. Yet no one sees any such deal as likely to succeed, despite the self-interest of both...

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