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The Dangers of Mixing Screen Time and Snack Time

A study at England’s University of Sussex warns that those who snack while watching television or playing video games are more likely to overeat, greatly increasing risks of obesity. “You’re less likely to be able to tell how full...

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Retreating from Tech—One Special Day Every Week

BY DIANE MEDVED — Just saw another article about parents’ battle against kids’ screen time. In this one, author Naomi Schaefer-Riley, author of a new book denouncing much screen-time for kids (Be the Parent, Please: Stop Banning...

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Screen Time Blues

By Diane Medved, Ph.D.   Parents, have you lamented that it’s difficult to restrain kids from too much “screen time?” With kids now owning smart phones at ever-younger ages, it seems they’re replacing interactive play with...

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