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New Gun Laws Won’t Stop Violent Thugs

Near the end of January, a gun fight killed an innocent bystander and wounded six others in Seattle’s vibrant, prosperous downtown.  Amazingly, the three shooters, all gang-members under 25, had accumulated a total of more than 80...

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Life Is Stronger than Death

On the last days of Passover, while helping lead a holiday festival retreat in the California desert, I saw my father for the first time in ten years. Awakened by a loud, frightening knock on our hotel door at three in the morning, I...

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Demonizing, Dehumanizing the Opposition

​The context of the brutal assault in Alexandria, Virginia that wounded Congressman Steve Scalise sends an important public message: our elected representatives may wield enormous power but they’re still ordinary Americans who...

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Blue Lives Matter

In early October, police officers in Palm Springs, California, responded to a domestic disturbance and a gunman shot two of them dead. One of the victims, a Latino veteran of the force, was a father of 8 who had served 35 years and planned...

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